Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Color Day: Au Naturel - Milk and Honey

We love the coolness of the milky white paired with the subtle warmth of the honey colored yellow/gold and what better color scheme for a hot summer day that crisp and clean neutrals. This milk and honey color palette is extremely serene and inviting and is sure to help you and your guests think cool and calming thoughts.  Beat the heat with a color scheme that is light and airy just like the materials for the season.. think cotton, linen, and flowy chiffon.  We also love this look for home decor (Hello, all you apartment dwellers with white walls!) and think this is the perfect color scheme to give you that clean, bright, and open living space that is also cozy and inviting.
Milk and Honey (Ivory/White and Gold) Inspiration Board images from:

 Jen & Saira   

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