Tuesday, May 4, 2010

April Showers bring MAY FLOWERS!

We haven't said it yet, so Happy May! We've already started posting some great flowers for spring, so here are some more of our favorites!  Another flower that is particularly seasonal to the spring is the peony.  This flower is large, full, and romantic and has layers of soft petals that make it look particularly lush and voluminous.  Peonies are gorgeous but expensive flowers, so if you live in our area we recommend them only for spring and very early summer... unless you want to pay an arm and a leg for them by having them shipped from who knows where.

This peony bouquet is absolutely charming! Romantic pink and peach peonies are paired together for a super feminine, vintage kind of look. We love how loose it looks, but at the same time how full and dreamy!  And it all comes together with a soft, feminine white ribbon!

 This simple, pink peony centerpiece would be perfect for any springtime event. And, we love how easy this look is to pull off! Just find a vintage vase at a local flea market and stick in a few blooms and you're ready to go -- these flowers are so full that it just takes a couple to really make an impact.

For reasons we cannot fathom, not everyone chooses to incorporate shades of pink in their lives. For these people, there is the romantic white peony bouquet. The clean, bright whites, fabulous texture, and soft contrast of the yellow center makes these the perfect choice for a little bit of a more subdued romance.

Again going for the vintage kind of look we love this antique-y vase and the very pale pink blossoms. They are subtle enough to satisfy any pink loving girl, but classy and muted enough to serve as a gorgeous decoration for any vintage inspired event without being overwhelming.

Is is possible for a bouquet to be too full? NEVER! We absolutely love how lucious this yellow bouquet of peonies is and wish we could just reach out and touch it. There is nothing more picturesque than a full, soft, texurized bouquet and this one certainly has it all. Plus the pale yellow makes it look good enough to eat!

And, for a more modern look, we love these pink and white peonies with the contrast of the chartreuse ribbon!  The ribbon plays up the yellow tones in the white peonies while adding a beautiful contrast to the pink ones. The simplicity of having just one type of flower, plus the casually tied bow, makes this bouquet both casual and elegant.

And, of course, the modern centerpiece. There's nothing sweeter than combining fresh fruits with gorgeous blooms and we think this is a great example of how the two can be paired harmoniously. The use of the white linens and the limes sharply contrasting with the fucshia and pink create a look that it crisp and fresh.

Jen & Saira

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