Monday, May 17, 2010

Gifts for Graduates

Happy Monday, dolls!  If your like anything like us, your Facebook news feed has been bombarded with graduation posts this past weekend and we're sure there are more to come!  As May comes to a close and June is fast approaching we can bet we'll be seeing "Class of 2010" splattered on every other car we see.  So, since graduation season is here and those parties are right around the corner, we've decided to kick off this week with a graduation inspired post.  Here are some gifts, both unique and traditional, to show your loved ones how proud you are of all their accomplishments and help them continue on their path to success!

For a less formal gift, maybe for a close friend or fellow grad, we like something the high school graduate can take off to college with them. Things like simple organization can be essential to college success, which is why we like the idea of giving a cute message board, like this magnetic one by SteelDreamingDesigns.  They can display this board to add some style or color to their dorm, but also use it to post important messages, dates, a course syllabus, assignments, pictures etc.

One of the biggest issues facing new college students is time management!  Combine lack of supervision, a flexible schedule, and constant socialization and you're just asking for disaster.  Help them tackle this first semester by providing them with a great calendar to organize their events and deadlines.  If your student is allowed to stick things to the walls (silly dorm rules..), then we think this re-writable dry erase wall calendar by SimpleShades is absolutely genius - practical, stylish, and unique!  We also love this for great wall decor for the office as well.

Something we wish we had back then was a Keurig!  When you have 8am classes, late night study sessions, or the mundane 9-5 job you'll need something to get you going every once in a while.  Instead of having to trek to the dining hall, find someone to give you a ride to Dunkin, or buy that crappy cafeteria coffee, we think it would have been so nice to have had one of these. Plus, not only will they get a quick, quality cup of coffee, think of the money they'll save just because you thought to give them such a practical gift!

If your graduate has a job lined up, then you can get something to help decorate their desk and add some personality and style to their office or cube! A business card holder, such as this adorable cast iron kitty cat one, is both functional and decorative. Pick a business card holder that is professional, but also reflects your graduate's personal style. For more college graduate gift options, try Gifts for Professionals.

Or, for something of a more traditional gift, how about a commemorative piece of jewelry. Those graduation rings that they give out are just down right ugly and no one ever actually wears them, you just get them to have them as a keepsake.  Instead, give your high school or college grad the key to her future with this cute charm necklace by RiskyBeads that we think she actually be pleased to wear proudly.

And, of course, the classic gift for graduations is a solid frame for their graduation photo. We love this "shadow box" available at Walmart that allows you to display both a photo of the graduate and their tassel, creating a wonderful keepsake. This gift is great for both high school and college graduates!

Finally, it's no surprise, there is one thing that every graduate needs, wants, and will be eternally grateful for, and that is MONEY.  High school students are pretty much broke and in the upcoming months they will need items for their dorm, plus books, and of course that little thing called tuition. And college grads are in the same boat!  They have loans looming in the distance, rent to pay, have been living off of Easy Mac for 4 years, and can't even imagine how they will afford a new, "professional" wardrobe.  Give them money and help them ease into the next chapter in their lives!  We hope they'll use it for those practical things like bills or clothes... but maybe, like us, they'll take some money and use it to take time to explore and travel the world..and that's ok, because after all their hard work, don't they deserve it?  We think so!

Oh, the places they'll go!

Jen & Saira

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