Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Color Day: Fuchsia and Grey

As summer draws nearer, we can't help but gear ourselves towards bright and fun colors like today's inspiration, fuchsia (aka magenta)! This is a reddish purple hue, named after the flower of the same color, looks funky and energizing when paired with orange, yellow, or green, yet chic, modern, and even a little vintage when combined with bright white or cool grey. We prefer this shade as an accent and not as a main color because all fuchsia all the time can be a bit overwhelming. Instead, keep the men in your life sane and tone down the pink/purple by basing your color palette in a classic neutral, like a heather gray, and use the fuchsia to draw attention to fun and funky details like ties, flowers, shoes, etc. 

Jen & Saira

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