Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Color Day: Lilac, Rose, & Gray

"Here comes Peter Cotton-Tail, hopping down the bunny trail..."

Our color theme this week is based upon the spring pastels that typically show up this time of year right around the Easter holiday. Rosie pinks and the lovely lilac shade of purple are two ultra feminine colors that go nicely together for a soft and girly look. Pair them up with a cool gray to give it a little drama and you'll be all set for your Spring soiree!

Jen and Saira

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear John: Check out my cute stationery!

One of our lovely readers, Ms. Hillary Blum, is mad for stationery! With the advent of email, letter writing has become a thing of the past. But when you have a cute stationery set, you can't help but want to send love letters or find a pen pal. Here are some pretty stationery sets for you to enjoy:

If you're a cat lover, then this stationary set by Ginko is definitely for you. With a lovely cherry blossom pattern etched in gold and a cute kitty cat sitting playfully on the envelope, you are sure to ditch email and go for the snail mail. 

This cute, handmade notepad by Etsy seller sweetlifepaper is perfect for jotting down notes or writing letters. Plus you can have it personalized with your name on it to give it an extra special feel.

This stationery set from Target is clean and simple, and is made from recycled paper! The writing surface is completely blank, with a bright lime green lining. The envelopes provide a nice pop of color, and will help your correspondence stand out from all the rest.

This set from Etsy seller robayre is also made of recycled paper. The actual stationery is very simple, lined paper,  but the highlight of this set are the unique, hand selected envelopes. Each buyer will receive a variety of envelopes made from vintage illustrations and clipart as well as modern art posters.

Notecards also fall under the category of stationary and we love these handmade notecards by Michelle Brusegaard!  The colors are beautiful and the peacock design is so unique and fun you'll be making up excuses to send these out to your friends! Check out her etsy shop for these or or some of her other great designs, like the "Mum Motif".

Or check out this assorted pack of screen printed cards by Eliza Jane Curtis!  We love all the eclectic colors and patterns that have been inspired by the designer's love for the city of Buenos Aires and all its' art deco splendor.  These cards are truly one of a kind!

We think paper lanterns are so romantic and ethereal, so we really like this letter writing set by Lantern Studios.  You get two whimsical designs to choose from with coordinating envelopes too, and you know we love the super girly colors!

This stationary set by DesignofArtisan is semi-formal, elegant, and romantic. The geometric shapes and patterns give this stationary a sort of 1930's feel that we think perfectly complements the subtle colors and whimsical chandelier graphic.

Jen & Saira

Monday, March 29, 2010

Gossip Girl Style, Part 3 of 4: Jenny Humphrey

We've watched Little J grow from being an awkward teenager to an angsty fashionista. She's not afraid of eyeliner, and there is never such thing as too much black. Here are a few ideas to help you channel your Jenny Humphrey alter ego:

No more Humphrey plaid shirts for Jenny, she is all about style. This drop waist dress from Top Shop is edgy enough to satisfy your inner bad girl, but still feminine enough to get the boys' heads turning. Add leggings, a chunky chain necklace, headband, a ton of black eyeliner, and voila! Jenny Humphrey is cloned.

Speaking of black eyeliner, if you want to perfect Jenny's smokey eye look, check out the Too Faced smokey eye palette, available at Sephora. With step-by-step instructions and 6 different shades to use, you will be rocker chic in no time. 

 For a dressier occasion like a holiday or party you could check out this dress available at Forever21.  This dress speaks loads to Jenny's more mature and high fashion style - while the tiers give it a soft look, the grommets give it that edgy look that is all Little J.

Of course, now that Jenny is Queen, she has to have her own headband! This unique piece by Etsy seller blingjewelry is dark and dramatic, just like Little J. We love the large satin flower and the delicate beading, plus it will definitely stand out in her bleached blonde hair! 

Jenny Humphrey knows that a simple white tee goes a long way. This loose, cuffed tee by Brooklyn Industries is a shout out to Jenny's past, and is both comfortable and edgy.  Add tights and heeled booties, and like Jenny, you have an effortlessly sexy and hip look. 

We know, we know -- tights are not pants! But leggings are all the rage, and American Apparel offers pretty much every color and style you can think of. These lace leggings are sure to get you on the top of the Met steps.

Every riot girl needs a leather jacket (or faux leather jacket in this case). This reasonably priced bomber jacket from Urban Outfitters is definitely a Jenny Humphrey staple, to be draped over school uniforms, vintage tees, and even haute couture.

While Jessica Simpson and Jenny Humphrey may seem like an odd pair, two blondes can make a right! We like this eclectic piece created by the pop-star-turned-designer. The bright jewels laid out on the black velvet creates a nice contrast with the heavy metal chains. And if you're looking for some more color, it's available in kelly green and royal blue as well!

Jen & Saira

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hair Style Look Book: Bridal Braids

For weddings and other special events, the details matter! That includes everything from the dress to the shoes to the jewelry and, of course, to the hair. Braids are a fresh, fun twist to add to traditional hairstyles. Perfect for the modern bride looking for a more unique look, braids can be used to frame your face and soften an updo, add character to loose curls, and give a boho feel to a formal occasion. Here are some looks that we thought were particularly pretty, ranging from more structured updos to more loose and casual locks. 

Happy styling!

Jen & Saira

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bold Accessories - Cuff Bracelets

Accessories can make or break an outfit.  It's not easy to make a subtle statement without going overboard, but we think one of the safest ways to add a little flare to your ensemble is with a bold bracelet!  Often in the working world, we find ourselves limited to how much personality we can express without the risk of being seen as (gasp!) unprofessional.  A funky bracelet is a great way to express your edge and let others (i.e. your boss) know that you polished, put together, and are willing to take risks.

This bird's nest cuff by Banana Republic is a must have. The overlapping layers create a beautiful geometric design, and the muted gold tone softens the look, creating a perfect balance of structure and romance.

If you want to sparkle, but aren't feeling the gold, then try this handmade sterling silver cuff by etsy seller cgwhitfield. It's simple, modern, and just stunning. 

Or, for a more finished look, check out one of Jen's favorite designers, Anna Beck. We love her beautifully simple, Indian/Middle Eastern inspired designs. We chose this bracelet in particular because of the edgy, studded pattern, but all of her pieces are equally beautiful and intriguing... and they better be, because one of these babies will run you at least $200!

This geometric hinge bracelet is so urban chic -- just like its lovely designer, Diane Warner!  Available in gun metal and gold, this unique piece is Saira's favorite. And with it's bold pattern and industrial frame, you can just picture Dominique Francon rocking this look... if she weren't a fictional character, that is.

Looking for something more casual? This leather cuff by Free People would look great with jeans and a white tank or a sexy black slip dress. It's definitely something you could wear every day and still be styling.

Happy accessorizing! 

Jen & Saira

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Color Day: Vintage Pink and Tiffany Blue

Another great color combination for Spring is the ultra feminine pale vintage pink paired with the beautifully romantic "Tiffany" blue. The blue is more vibrant and rich, while the pale pink shade softens it and balances out the color theme -- think his and hers!

Images from: The Wedding Decorator, Zappos, WeddingPaperDivas, BetsyWhite, Flickr, Pretty Chicky, Urban Outfitters, Ann Taylor, JCrew,


Jen & Saira

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stay dry with a Trench Coat!

Ahhh, spring!  It's finally here and you don't want to get caught in an April shower without your boots, and umbrella, and of course, a classy trench coat.  Trench coats are chic, functional, and sexy, a la Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.  Here are just a few of our favorite styles for this spring:

Tilly's offers a casual, shortened version of the classic trench.  The charcoal color of this coat is perfect for everyday use and would be great for Spring, or even Fall! Pair it with a pair of slacks or skinny jeans, and you'll be dry and stylish all season long.

For a little bit of a more modern style we would choose this military inspired trench from DKNY, available from Zappos. This trench has decorative buttons on the front and the shoulders that give a masculine feel but also has a bit of pleating and a dainty bow that make it ultra feminine.

BlueFly offers a great option with this pale gray coat from Soia & Kyo. This coat feature a lightweight cotton material, a secret inner "security" pocket, and modern design with pleating and dark silver piping around the edges. But, not only is it pretty on the outside, we are seriously loving the inside lining.

 Want to stand out from the crowd? Top Shop offers this cute, belted polka dot coat that is anything but boring. It would look perfect with brightly colored rain boots or, if you're really daring, a pair of red pumps!

 This trench from Banana Republic has a very clean finish to it. The faux horn buttons give it a masculine feel, but the belt lets your emphasize your waist and It's the perfect length to wear over a skirt suit.

Bloomingdale's offers a chic and pretty trench coat that is effortlessly stylish. While a bit pricey, this coat will stay in your wardrobe for years to come and will look great with galoshes or peep toes. 

We just love this coat from Victoria's Secret. It's a modern twist on the classic trench, with a zipper rather than buttons, and a rounded collar. Sleek and sexy, this is by far our favorite choice -- plus it's on sale! 

Jen & Saira

Monday, March 22, 2010

Gossip Girl Style, Part 2 of 4: Vanessa Abrams

Vanessa Abrams started out as Dan's home-school, outsider friend, but has quickly risen to the ranks of the NYU elite. Her wild hair and beautiful blue eyes have made her a favorite among the men on the Upper East Side, but it's her fashion choices that make her such a vivid character. She is not afraid of taking fashion risks, opting for bold colors, interesting patterns, and, of course, lots of jewelry! Here are some looks that we could see the burgeoning filmmaker sporting:

Vanessa is not afraid of wearing colors, so this bold red dress by Urban Outfitters seems like a perfect fit for her. Plus it's made up of vintage, surplus, and deadstock material, which makes it eco-friendly and one-of-a-kind, just like Vanessa.

This dress, available at Nordstrom, is a little less structured than the first, but still equally as suitable for Vanessa.  V would love this fun, pretty dress that features some of her signature colors!  We can just picture her sporting this look with a baggy sweater, slouchy boots, and a large colored hobo bag!

This leafy tiered necklace exemplifies Vanessa's unique style and daring choice of accessories.  Available at Anthropologie, you can mimic Vanessa's bohemian look by pairing this with a flowy dress or a casual v-neck tee -- and Dan Humphrey will be all yours.

V not only loves bright colors, but also can't get enough of prints!  With the perfect combination of both, we can totally picture our Bohemian Brooklyn gal in this tank from Express.

Like we said before, Vanessa loves her accessories!  While maybe she never made it as far as to sit on The Met steps, we're sure she's ventured inside more than a few times to admire the art.  We wouldn't be surprised if she'd stop in the gift shop on the way out to pick up this bright and colorful Egyptian inspired piece.

Vanessa is definitely a thrifty shopper, and while she tends to value original, eco-friendly pieces, she is not one to shy away from a bargain. That is why this artsy sequin tunic from Forever 21 is a perfect choice for her. It's fun, vibrant, and costs less than $25! 

But V knows when to take a step back and opt for some neutrals. Perfect for mild weather, this loose, belted cardigan from Anthropologie reflects Vanessa's go-with-the-flow attitude. The artistic pattern and earth tone bring out the softer side of the daring Brooklyn the native, while still maintaining her unique sense of style.

And wearing neutrals makes it even easier to choose your statement pieces, such as this gorgeous pair of earrings from Neiman Marcus.  Though we're not likely to see V shopping at that store, we think she'd really make an exception for these Egyptian inspired, turquoise earrings by Milly.  We think,with their Bohemian look and funky pattern, they would be a fantastic addition to Vanessa's seemingly never ending jewelry box. 

Happy shopping!

Jen & Saira

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tips for the MOH: Garden party bridal shower

The Maid of Honor has a ton of responsibilities, including, of course, the bridal shower! If your bride is getting married in the spring, a popular theme for bridal showers is to throw a garden party! It's fun, pretty, and easy on the wallet. Plus after this long stretch of winter, relaxing outside in a garden sounds like a perfect way to spend the afternoon. Here are a few tips for the resourceful MOH:

Venue: The best part about having a garden party is throwing it in your very own backyard, or asking a friend or family member of the bride's to contribute. You will save big bucks on not having to rent a venue, plus the ambiance is already there! If you live in a city where space is tight, you could always reserve a space in the park, set up tables and chairs, and have your own intimate party. And of course, many hotels and restaurants have gardens that would be absolutely perfect, but pricey! 

Invites: Invitations can be very pricey, so be creative! Have an artistic friend create and print up invitations, check out your local party stores for pretty and affordable packages, or buy online! Here are some cute invites we found to help give you an idea:

What to serve: Finger foods and tea sandwiches are perfect for bridal showers. The best part is that these foods are made easily at home, and you have a lot of options! For those on a budget, veggie platters, fresh fruit, and cucumber sandwiches are a simple and classy option. Throw in some tea and lemonade, and you're set! For those looking for a more substantial meal, add in some appetizers such as stuffed mushrooms, pasta salad, and pastry puffs, and have homemade cobblers, pies, or petite fours for dessert! It will be tasty, intimate, and easy to serve. Here are some mouthwatering images to inspire your inner chef -- just click for recipes!

Decor: If you picked an outdoor location, most of your decorations are already taken care of! But to help keep the theme going, dress up tables with white or light colored table cloths, use napkins and silverware to add in a pop of color, and dress up all the tables with vases full of wild flowers. And whenever possible, try to incorporate the wedding colors as well as the bride's flower selections to help create a coherent look. Here are some examples of simple yet lovely garden party decor:

Favors: A great way to save money is to make your table settings your party favors. Decorate tables with vases full of flowers and candles, which can double as party favors for all your guests. Of course you can always get additional favors, such as scented soaps, candies, and little trinkets in addition to the decor (look for a post on shower favors in the coming weeks!) but this is a nice way to save money and keep things simple.

In the end, throwing a bridal shower can be confusing, overwhelming, expensive, and daunting. But with a little bit of creativity, and some penny pinching, you can throw a beautiful bridal shower that reflects your bride's personality and that she is sure to treasure forever! That's all for now dolls, have a great weekend!

Jen & Saira