Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day Etsy Style

Happy Earth Day!  We try our best to recycle, to conserve resources, and to reduce consumer waste. Although we admit we are not doing nearly the amount that we could be, Earth day helps to remind us that recycling, reusing, and upcycling items is a great way to minimize our impact on the environment.  Today's post focuses on totally random eco-friendly items found on Etsy.  We love Etsy because many of the items are handmade, affordable, and unique.  And, of course there is the added bonus of knowing that buying from sites like Etsy helps to support independent artists, some of which may even be in your area!

Why buy an unattractive rubber case or flimsy plastic one when you can have this? This eco-friendly, durable case is made out of bamboo and has a look that is sleek, modern, and professional.

  Those little cardboard sleeves might protect your hands, but they definitely create unnecessary waste. If you get coffee on the run, forgo the cardboard sleeve and opt for a reusable sleeve to protect your hands from hot liquids. 

Reclaimed leather has never looked so good!  This bag, perfect for weekend getaways or as an airplane carry-on, is made of vintage canvas and salvaged leather.

Soft and cozy, these adorable bright green flats are handmade using eco-friendly cotton canvas and hemp.

Old gold rings, necklaces, and bracelets get a new life by being melted down and reformed into new, beautiful pieces like these charming recycled rose gold earrings.

All natural lip balms? Yes, please!  Try these balms (made in NJ! yay!) that come in all different scents. 

On the hunt for a cute, earth friendly bridesmaid dress or dress to wear to an event? This bamboo jersey dress, by Gina Michele, comes in all different colors and is one we'd be dying to wear again and again.

Old plates are upcycled into something new with this adorable tiered dessert stand with carefully selected vintage plates, featuring a pretty rose pattern and delicate gold details.

Happy Earth Day, Happy Easter/Passover, and Happy Spring Break!  This is our last post for a little bit as we'll be taking off some time next week for spring break and some much needed R & R.   But, never fear, we'll be back before you know it!  
Until next time..

Jen & Saira

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Color Day Themes: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Today's board is all about Earth Day. True, looking at these images you'll notice there is no color theme here. It's not because we don't love green (green is our favorite color!) but because you can really create an eco-friendly wedding with any color, so, why limit ourselves?  Go green and purple and white and pink and any color you want so long as you do so with a conscience.  Take a look at some ideas below - from seed packets made out of used toilet paper rolls to paper poms made out of old damaged books - there are easy ways to create a big impact with a small carbon footprint.

Earth Day Inspiration Board - Everything Recycled/Repurposed/Organic

Jen & Saira

Monday, April 18, 2011

Royal Wedding Fever

Late next week, Kate and William will be tying the knot. It's pretty much all we've been hearing about lately and we are so excited.  Now, we're a little upset that their nuptials will take place while we're at work and that President Obama did not declare this day as a national holiday, but I guess we'll be able to watch the highlights on the evening news. In anticipation of this event, we decided to share pictures of the most famous royal weddings... or at least what we consider the most famous royal weddings.  Enjoy your Monday, dolls.

Obviously, we must start with The Greatest Wedding Of Our Time (thus far), of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.  The infamous "fairytale" wedding was watched all around the world as the world fell in love with Lady Di. Princess Diana arrived in a glass coach escorted by her father. Her wedding dress was designed by Elizabeth Emanuel, a British designer who concocted the famous 25 foot train. While Prince Charles and Princess Diana's separated a little over 10 years later, their wedding still stands out as the most iconic and memorable in recent history.

Known more for scandal than anything else, Edward VIII's wedding to Wallis Simpson was a great scandal and without all the fanfare normally associated with royal weddings. Duke Edward renounced the title of King of England in order to marry the American divorcee. The Royal Family boycotted the wedding, and the couple married in France. While known as the Duchess of Windsor, the Royal Family refused to give her the title of "Her Royal Highness." The couple was briefly highlighted in "The King's Speech," but the life of Ms. Simpson will be featured in Madonna's movie, W.E. which does not have a formal release date.

One of the most beautiful women to ever live, Grace Kelly's wedding to Prince Rainier III of Monaco was a two-part affair. The royal couple had a small civil wedding, and the next day had a grand royal wedding that was then dubbed as "the wedding of the century." Princess Grace wore a wedding gown designed by Helen Rose, which was a gift from MGM studio. To this day, Princess Grace remains one of the most beautiful royal brides of all time.

No list of famous royal weddings is complete without adding King Abdullah II of Jordan's wedding to Queen Rania. The royal prince fell in love with the young Palestinian Apple executive, and after a whirlwind engagement, they were married just two months later. She wore a stunning short sleeved dress designed by Bruce Oldfield, and changed into a more sexy, sleeveless white dress with a plunging back for the reception, also designed by Bruce Oldfield. Queen Rania is now known as one of the most stylish monarchs in recent history, and also tops the list of the most powerful women i nthe world.

Interestingly enough, while Disney movies are all about love and marriage, they very rarely feature the actual wedding of the prince and princess. It took Jasmine and Aladdin two sequels to finally tie the knot, Beauty and the Beast don't really marry so much as dance happily, and all you see in the Little Mermaid is Ariel waving goodbye to her father. At the very most, you just get a scene of the bride and groom waving happily to the royal subjects. Despite all the wonderful details, we had to add Prince Charming and Cinderella to this list, as every little girl envisions looking like Cinderella on her big day.

Jen & Saira

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cozy Up Under Your Umbrella

Rain, rain, go away, you make me have a bad hair day... Alright, we know that April showerss bring May flowers, etc., but all this rainfall can really put a damper on our high flying lifestyle. From the wet hair and clothes to the soaked feet, rain is not always our friend. But! If you have your trusty umbrella with you, you (and your hair) are safe from the fearsome weather.

These bubble umbrellas are our favorite thing in the world. They have a wonderfully round shape, which helps protect you from stray rainfall, but you can see through them, so you don't create a traffic hazard!  Also, they're pretty stylish, as far as rain gear goes.

 Carry a little bit of sunshine with you this April with this beautiful blue sky umbrella from the MoMA.  It's like a little piece of heaven floating over you all day, but is sturdy and functional as well!

 Your umbrella can be educational as well.  For instance, if you've always been interested in the solar system, but never had time to memorize the planets (MVEMJSUNP) then this solar system umbrella is just the thing for you. Just don't get too hooked on Pluto, last we heard it was demoted. Sad face.

Look simply charming in the midst of a thunder storm with this umbrella from one of our favorite designers, Kimichi Blue.  With delicate polka dots, sweet ruffles, and a faux bamboo handle, this cute umbrella looks delicate but is certainly sturdy enough to keep you dry.

The worst thing in the world is getting stuck in the city in the rain, especially if you don't know where you're going. With the official MTA umbrella, you'll always find your way home. While we don't quite get how you can read the map and stay dry at the same time, we'll leave the details to you.

Dreary weather got you down?  Cheer up with this colorful umbrella from Old Navy. We love the whimsical print and color combo here, with shades of cool blues and bright green.

Stormy weather and gray skies can leave you in a sleepy kind of haze.  Be bright eyed and bushy tailed with this energizing umbrella from Target.   It's cute pumpkin shape is certainly unique and the bright yellow is sure to stand out in a sea of gray and black, making it easy for those Ted Mosby like characters to spot you.

Now, bring on the rainbows!

Jen & Saira

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Color Day: Daffodi-lightful

To our surprise, despite the odd weather we've been having in NJ, the Daffodils are here! Dotting the landscape from Turnpike exits to neighborhood garden beds, these bright and happy yellow flowers can been seen across the state right now. Daffodils bloom quickly and most commonly come in bright or pale yellow, warm white, or a white and yellow combo.  So, in true springtime fashion, let's celebrate the brief Daffodil season with a cheerful color board that's sure to brighten your day.

Daffodil Yellow Color Inspiration Board

Jen & Saira

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hairstyle Look Book: Glam Ponytail

Tying your hair up in a ponytail is usually the quickest way to get yourself ready for the day... no fuss, no muss.  But, they aren't just for soccer moms, cheerleaders, or heading to the gym. Surprisingly enough, it's also a great look with your formal wear. Opt for something high and bouncy, loose and messy, or low and sleek. Either way, it will be a fun and fresh look that will sure to get a lot of attention.


Jen & Saira

Friday, April 8, 2011

Lovely in Lilac

Despite the fickle weather, we're desperately trying to incorporate spring colors into our wardrobe. One of our favorite shades for the spring is lilac (or violet... we don't really know the difference). It's fresh and sweet, and can really brighten up your wardrobe. Ignore the weather, and add some spring to your step!

We call this dress the "Sexy Easter" dress. This two-tone color block dress from American Apparel is an ideal look for the spring. May we suggest a cropped black blazer to give this a retro 80s feel?

Don't have much uses for tight, sexy pastel numbers? Then try this grey / lavender skirt from The Limited. It's a professional but feminine, and is a great way to freshen up your wardrobe.

With all this rain we've been getting, you need to protect your tootsies! Grab a pair of these short rainboots by Ilse Jacobsen and you'll be singing in the rain! Oh, and did we mention they have fleece lining?

 This sleeveless tea dress from Top Shop is perfect for work or play. Add a fitted blazer and pearls and you're set for work, or throw on a pair of gold hoops and strappy sandals and you're ready for a hot night on the town.

Tired of the regular old smokey eye? Add a pop of color with the purple smokey eye set from Sephora.  It will be sultry and romantic, just what you need for perfect "come hither" eyes.

Every girl needs a versatile dress that can be work at the park, out to dinner, for a garden party, whatever! This tiered ruffle dress from Old Navy definitely fits the bill, and will guarantee you a few compliments.

These lilac pumps are a must have this spring. They will look wonderful with a light gray suit, white dress, or black capris. We would steer away from pairing the pumps with a matching lilac dress and / or blouse. The most matchy-matchy we would do is matching jewelry, and even that's pushing it!


Jen & Saira

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Color Day: Passion for Pastels

This time of year is one that inspires so many different color combinations.  For many people, springtime inspires us to decorate and dress in pale, soft colors like green, pink, blue, or yellow.  Or, if you'd like, you can combine them all together for a pastel palette suitable enough for the easter bunny himself. While these colors have come to represent Easter, we're not saying you need to go full on bunny and rainbow colored crazy.  Just adding some pretty vintage looking pastels and an egg/bird decorative item here and there can be quite cheerful and truly egg-cellent.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Love and Literature

A wedding should reflect the tastes and passion of the bride and groom. For some, that means reflecting their love for literature in a subtle but clever way, without necessarily making it a themed wedding (think: Great Gatsby, Alice In Wonderland, Gone With the Wind, etc.) As big readers ourselves, we've thought long and hard about different ways to incorporate works of literature at your wedding. Here are some suggestions:

Before Kindle came around, borrowing library books was a pretty common activity. Bring back the borrowed book love with library card style invitations. We love how you can create a "title" for your wedding and make it look authentic with yellowed paper and crooked typeface. 

If you're having a small wedding, create your old "vintage book" as a wedding program! This will create a unique keepsake and add a lot of charm to your wedding, but it will definitely be a significant project!

The most common way to incorporate literature in your wedding is through your wedding vows / reading. Choose a passage that particularly inspires you or makes you and your loved one laugh. You can go for something sweet and simple, such as e.e. cumming's i carry your heart, romantic and traditional such as Shakespeare's Sonnet 116, or light and quirky such as Ron Weasley's ball of light speech from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Keeping with the library theme, have guests find their seats by sifting through a card catalogue! This a fun throwback to grade school, when we spent hours learning the Dewey Decimal System. It's fun, quirky, and cost efficient, but your younger guests might not quite get it.

We really love the idea of naming your tables after famous writers or novels. Have fun with it by placing your work friends at Upton Sinclair's The Jungle, your girlfriends at Jane Austen's Emma, and your creepy uncle at Vladmir Nabokov's Lolita.

Or, if you want to stick with numbers, do it in a way that is true to your theme. We like these because they serve double duty! Vintage books function as both a centerpiece and way to display the table numbers in a way that is charming and unique.

You can also carve out old books to create unique centerpieces or decor at your wedding. While we're a little reluctant to demolish old books this way, perhaps you could find books that are otherwise damaged and use them.  Either way, it creates a very rustic and creative centerpiece.

Instead of using satin ribbon to add some flair to your wedding cakes, wrap it in some (sanitized) newspaper or vintage print. We also like how the cake toppers are similarly wrapped in print to create a coherent look. Just be sure to use romantic text... no old pages of Play Boy for you!

And they lived happily ever after!


Jen & Saira

Friday, April 1, 2011

Style Alert: Spring Fashion Trend

Shopping for your Spring wardrobe and checking out the open air markets and fairs will leave you with lots of bags to carry.  Don't let your purse be one extra bag weighing you down! Keep shoulders from getting sore and go hands free with a "fanny pack" or "belt purse" because, not only does it help accentuate a narrow waist, but they are extremely versatile and sexy:


"Belt Purse"? Seriously, folks? While it's true that fanny packs having been making a comeback and have been recently spotted on the runways, the fact that you need to constantly ask yourself if it's cool or not means that it's probably not. Sure, maybe we secretly think it would be fun and convenient, but it makes walking and sitting kind of awkward and just looks so silly that we would never condone this.  

Jen & Saira