Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer Style: The White Collection

Attention ladies: It's Memorial Day so you can officially wear white without fear of being chastised! Come celebrate by browsing through our pick for the summer of 2010, the White Collection:

Nothing is more depressing than being stuck at work on a beautiful summer day, but you can brighten your day by wearing this white pencil skirt from J. Crew. The clean cut and crisp white color will make you look fun and fresh, and even though it's no day at the beach, at least you'll look good at the office.

If you want to be able to easily transition from work to play, then this crochet neck dress from Arden B. is perfect for you. Wear it with a blazer and pumps to work, and then add some accessories and peep toes for cocktail hour!  

Keep up the crochet look with this off-white peasant skirt available at Anthropologie. The cloud fish pattern is subtle and adds great texture to the skirt, plus it has a draw string waist so you can indulge in some extra corn dogs. 

Stay fresh at the beach with this super  cute cover up by Victoria's Secret. While it comes in a variety of colors, we love this ivory shade, as it will really set off your summer tan, and will look great with a bright bathing suit peeking out from underneath!

A hot summer night deserves a hot summer dress! Show off you tan and legs in this white, strapless sheath dress by White House | Black Market.  With a cinched waist and a built-in bustier, you're guaranteed to look your best -- just don't spill anything!

But if you're looking for something a bit more bohemian, then we recommend this soft, flowy dress from Free People. We love the embellished neckline, and something about the layered pleats reminds us of the scene in The Little Mermaid when Ariel fashions a dress out of an old sail -- very simple and sexy.

Stay cool, dolls!


Jen & Saira

Friday, May 28, 2010

Tips for the Bride: Wedding Planners

Do you ever wonder what you'll be like as a bride-to-be or are you currently engaged and starting to worry if the crazy will set in as your day approaches? You may be telling yourself that, when the time comes, you will be the bride to throw care to the wind and just go with the flow. If that is the case, I am telling you now, that is just simply not true.

You may consider yourself to be a rather sane and level headed person, but when it comes down to it, will you care if your flowers are not the right shade of orange, your napkins are folded incorrectly, or, god forbid they put your floating candles in the water upside down??? YES, YES, and YES!! Read below to get the answer to a question a lot of ultra busy brides are asking themselves,
"Should I hire a wedding planner?"

PROS - What a wedding planner can bring to the table:

1. Experience: There is nothing better than someone who has been through a situation, who knows how things should work, and who can anticipate disaster at any corner! Experience is key to planning any party and especially a wedding. Unless you've planned multiple weddings or know what you're doing, things can get real tricky, real fast.

2. A Voice: This person can be your voice and speak up for you when you cannot be there. It is crucial to have someone who knows and understands exactly what it is you are dreaming of and can execute plans accordingly. You won't be present at every second and will be occupied with other tasks, so you'll want someone there that you can trust to take the reins in your absence.

3. Stress Relief: Do you really want to be worrying about what your groom will wear, how to hang the 50+ paper lanterns, and where your cake toppers ran off to? Certainly not! Now, there are some things that are uncontrollable and nothing ever goes according to plan, but, you will be more at ease knowing that you have someone who is experienced and completely dedicated to making sure things run as smoothly as possible.

4. Flow and Organization: This is incredibly important to the event. An organized event planner can help make sure that your event has consistent flow and keep track of the timeline. They will help you stay focused and make sure you are exactly where you need to be when you need to be there, which can be a blessing as we're guessing a watch and/or cell phone won't really go well with your outfit...

5. Damage Control: The flowers don't arrive on time, the cake falls apart, your pumpkin martinis are maybe not going over so well with your guests, and, to top it off, your dress rips and someone stole the sewing kit from the bathroom! Now, you have enough going on to have to worry about how to remedy these let someone else worry about these things for you. A good wedding planner will anticipate problems, diffuse the situation to the best of their ability, and think of creative and helpful solutions to help you enjoy your day despite any little accidents that might happen along the way.

6. Discounts: Yes, we said it correctly - discounts! Wedding planners can help you save money by organizing your expenditures and keeping you on budget. They often have access to special discounts for services, materials, etc. that you would not normally have if planning things for yourself.

Cons - Disadvantages of a wedding planner:

1. COST! This is legitimately the only thing that we can think of that would be a reason to not hire a wedding planner. That and, of course, if your venue already provides a consultant of sorts. But, mainly, it is the cost that deters people from hiring a wedding planner and this can be determined in a few different ways, hourly, a set-fee, or a percentage (sometimes 10-15%!) of the total wedding budget. This can add up quickly and you should carefully weigh your options to determine if you can afford this or not.

So, do we think it's worth it??

Speaking as the former bride (and maid of honor!) of a recent, kind of DIY wedding, ABSOLUTELY!! Though we decided against a wedding planner to save on costs, we realize we really would have paid anything to have been able to relax, have our friends and family kick back, and not have to worry about a thing. In retrospect we loved our wedding, but realized a wedding planner would have made our lives easier, kept us calm, and would have made our wedding day a more pleasant and enjoyable event for all involved.

Happy Planning (or Hiring!)

Jen & Saira

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sex and the City Character Inspiration: Carrie Bradshaw

Today's the big day, and no, we don't mean Jen's birthday (even though it is..)!!  We mean, the big day for the Sex and the City movie and of course we have saved the best character inspiration for last!  Here is a fashion look book inspired by Sex and the City's most famous character, the fabulous Carrie Bradshaw! Carrie is the center of our Sex and the City universe, and her 6 years on the small screen have transformed her into a bona fide fashion icon. A little bit quirky, a little bit crazy, and definitely a little bit sexy, Carrie is the most daring of the group, always trying (and starting) new trends. No heel is too high for this fashionista, no trend too bizarre (she rocked a fanny pack, remember?), no flower too large... Carrie is truly a fashion legend. Here are our suggestions on how to dress up like Ms. Bradshaw aka Mrs. John Preston:

Shimmering and dramatic, this Grecian style, one-shouldered dress is something only the daring fashionista can pull of. Backless and super short, this is definitely a dress that someone with a small frame like Carrie can wear without feeling too overwhelmed. 

Carrie's nameplate necklace was her signature piece on the show, and even played a small role in the series finale. Get your own name necklace, in gold or silver, from My Name Necklace, and always stay true to yourself.

Sometimes Carrie's wardrobe can be a bit outrageous, and other times it can be drop dead sexy. To go with the latter, we suggest this fabulous sequined pencil dress by Karen Millen. Just throw on a pair of sky high heels and Mr. Big will be eating out of the palm of your hands.

We can just picture Carrie romping around Manhattan in this grey, open back playsuit by Kate Moss. With a sky high ponytail, some killer sandals, and gold bangles, our girl is ready to strut her stuff.

Of course, in order to strut your stuff then you need a pair of shoes that will live up to the hype. These Badgley Mischka sandals are outrageous and romantic, just like our leading lady, and are much more affordable than Carrie's staple Manolos.

Bonjour! Carrie was all about stripes and bows when she went to Paris a few years back, and she looked effortlessly chic. To mimic Ms. Bradshaw's Parisian style, throw on this striped mini dress available at Mod Cloth, add in a bright colorful belt, heels, a ton of bangles, and don't forget to curl your hair!

and, of course, one of Carrie's most iconic looks is her cupcake skirt worn in the opening credits. While not as poofy, this ruffled skirt by American Apparel is a bit more user friendly, and still manages to create that perfect balance of cute and crazy.

Time to get Carried away, dolls!

Jen & Saira

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Color Day: Nautical Navy and Yellow

Ahoy, sailor! While we already gave you a little taste of a nautical theme with our wardrobe post we haven't yet featured it as a color inspiration.  Today we feature two colors that are very prominent in the sailing world!  Often when you think nautical you think blue and white, but what you'll also notice is a lot of times these colors will be accented with a rich gold. Blue and yellow (gold/mustard/whatever you want to call it) are the perfect colors for your nautical themed project as one color anchors your palette as a neutral, while the other is your fun color that you can add in small doses to liven things up.

Jen & Saira

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sex and the City Character Inspiration: Miranda Hobbes

It's almost here!  The second Sex and the City movie comes out this Thursday, so here is our second to last character inspiration -- Miranda Hobbes!  Miranda's style has definitely progressed from her boxy suits and button downs worn in the early seasons. Now, she is a fashionista in her own right, brightening up her work attire with bright colors, varied prints, sexy separates, and of course, her gorgeous red hair. While always the professional at work, her play clothes tend to be more fun, comfortable, and vibrant. Here are some looks that we're sure Miranda would have no objection to:

Miranda always knows how to dress her shape, and this flirty V-neck dress available at Mod Cloth would flatter her curves and help show off her romantic side. We love when Miranda wears jewel tones, because it really sets off her peaches and cream complexion and her bright blue eyes. Plus the soft linen dress is both sexy and casual, just like the fiery red head.

Miranda often sports long, casual dresses to stay cool in the summer heat, which is why we love this maxi dress from Victoria's Secret. It's both comfortable and fashionable, plus green is definitely Miranda's color!

Like her gal pals, Miranda loves accessories, although they tend to be more understated than some of the other ladies' choices. We think this beaded stretch bracelet from Target reflects Miranda's bright color palette, but is simple enough to wear at the office.

Always the working girl, this simple cotton sheath dress is perfect for Miranda, as it  can easily be worn both in and out of the office. She would likely accessorize it with a blazer and the jeweled bracelet, shown above.

The verdict is in -- Miranda looks stunning in jewel tones!  We love this beaded scoop neck top for it's brilliant color that will perfectly contrast her bright red hair, but also for the shape and detailing that make this top professional enough to wear with a suit or high waisted pencil skirt for work and fun enough to transition right on into the evening.

Or, what about a casual top that would be a great addition to Miranda's weekend wardrobe?  Every Manhattan mommy needs a great day at the park outfit, and for Miranda we like this breezy, embellished top available at New York and Company. This great blue and green top has some fun embellishments on the neckline and would look great with some chunky earrings and gold sandals!

And, of course, children have a lot of needs, so you can bet she's stashing a little more than lipgloss and a credit card in her purses. Here we have a large structured bag perfect the professional mom on the go.  It's  chic enough for work, yet large enough to tote around some snacks, baby wipes, and a toy or two.  Plus, the material makes it extra fashionable and appropriate for the season.

Stay tuned for our final Sex and the City post!

Jen & Saira

Monday, May 24, 2010

Swim Shop!

Summer time is just around the corner and it's finally starting to warm up, which means it's time to start doing crunches, getting waxed, and going out shopping for the perfect bathing suit! This is not always the easiest or one of our most favorite tasks, but we can't very well avoid the pool all summer, or worse, cover ourselves up with a T-shirt and claim we're avoiding sunburn! So take a deep breath and get ready for some of our favorite summer bathing suit styles, to compliment different body types:

This is Saira's favorite suit by Love True Love. The simple black and white stripes give a classy, nautical feel, and the wide bottom provides a a comfortable and sexy look and the halter will give your girls a little support, which is always a plus.

She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny orange polka dot bikini!  So what if that's not how the song goes, sing it proudly and no one will know the difference! This string bikini by Roxy is perfect for some fun in the sun, all you need is a little confidence to wear it.

Now, we certainly find shopping frustrating when the string bikinis don't give us the support we are looking for. Often bigger busted women are forced into hideous one pieces or bland bikinis!  But, Freya has come to the rescue with their a great line of stylish swimsuits, like the polka dot one above, in sizes like D, DD, E, F and beyond!

Trying to camouflage a tummy but still look stylish and sexy?  This backless, deep V one piece by American Apparel is one of the more daring one pieces out there. It comes in a number of different colors, and has a cute retro feel to it.

For an equally retro, but slightly less revealing one piece, try this sexy halter suit by Ballet.  We love the bold red/orange color and the little brooch at the neck gives it just a little bit of bling.

For a more sporty look, try this classic one piece by Lacoste. It comes in melon or black, and gives a clean and fresh look. But,busty girls beware, there is not much in terms of support in this suit.

This adorable heart print bandeau bikini by Victoria's Secret is cute and fresh -- just perfect for the summer! This top is a little safer for those ocean waves with it's hook back closure, and we love that you can buy these in separates to ensure the proper fit!

Halter support? Check! Cute colors and print? Check! Underwire? Check! Sized like a Bra to ensure fabulous fit?  Check! Fantasie of England has it all with this black and pink swim suit designed for full busted women.  This is a suit that you can confidently wear at the beach or pool all summer long.

Bathing Suits, not Birthday Suits!


Jen & Saira

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Party Food Displays

We love throwing parties for all our friends, and usually have a ton of food involved. But now that we're growing up, a good party is more than just chips and guacamole (although we always have chips and guac!) A good party is all about presentation, which is why we decided to share some cute and functional ways to display your culinary genius. Hopefully, this post will inspire you to go out out, buy some cute serving dishes, and invite us over for a soiree!

When you're hosting a movie night or game night, the food is always in demand, but sometimes space can be tight. A Lazy Susan is always a good cure for this problem, as you can stash a variety of different food on a small place, allowing all your guests to have easy access. The thing about Lazy Susans is that they aren't the most attractive table setting, but this Lazy Susan made from an old wine barrel is simple and classy, and will surely compliment every spread.

Every party needs some delicious, homemade cupcakes! Show off your icing skills by displaying your cupcakes on this cute tiered cupcake rack by Crate and Barrel.

If you're like Saira, then deviled eggs are a staple for every Super Bowl party. But transporting the eggs can be a pain, which is why we love this deviled egg tray by Cordon Bleu, which is specifically designed to hold 24 deviled eggs. Slippery eggs are a thing of the past!

We've had our eye on this two-tiered tray by Liberty of London, and were heartbroken when we found it it was sold out! But never fear, it is currently available to order at Target, and will be ready to ship in about a week! 

To serve small snacks, such as nuts and pretzels, check out this dual goldfish serving dish. Fill it with your favorite candy, or put dip on one side and crackers in the other, for a fun and simple platter.

For a retro look, display your delicious cakes in this glass pedestal cake stand! The removable lid keeps your cakes fresh, and it can always double to serve pastries, pies, and fresh fruit! Available at Sur la Table.

Or, for a more modern look, try out this glass cake stand available at Fish's Eddy. It comes in a number of different sizes, and we love the art deco look it has going. This is not your grandmother's baking, that's for sure!

Happy serving!


Jen & Saira

Sex and the City Character Inspiration: Samantha Jones

Samantha Jones is sexy, powerful, strong, and fierce. She is never afraid of wearing bold prints, color, and lots of accessories, and always looks ultra glam. She always knows how to show off her best assets, and her confidence is her most important accessory. While we may not have Samantha's PR budget to work with, here are ways to emulate her style for a lot less:

Samantha loves being the center of attention, and this one-shouldered bold printed dress by Bebe is sure to do the trick. Perfect for cocktails with the girls, we love the splash of hot pink and the belted waist, and the matching accessories picture on the model is just Samantha's style.

While Samantha does like bold prints and colors, our favorite look for her is old Hollywood glam. We can just picture her strutting around in this chiffon halter dress by Maggy London, topped off with perfectly coiffed blonde curls and some bright red lipstick. 

Samantha's confidence means big heels in bright colors, like these Steve Madden platform sandals. Samantha is big into color coordination, so don't be afraid to rock these with a banana yellow dress or jewelry. It may seem over the top, but really, you can never have too much going on.

It takes a lot of guts to go full on head to toe monochromatic, as it's a look like that is sure to turn more than a few heads.  Samantha's love for "notice me" shades would have her right at home in this kiwi green suit.  She would rock this with matching bag and shoes, and we wouldn't be the least bit surprised if she swapped out that tie waist belt for another that is a little more substantial... and probably metallic.

Every bit the sex bomb, Samantha would sizzle in this form fitting, red satin pencil dress by Karen Millen.  We love the color and beautiful neckline. Just add some gold bangles and earrings and throw on a pair of strappy sandals, and Smith Jerrod is all yours!

Samantha's version of casual still includes a lot of bling. This flowy top from XOXO is perfect for the desert (Dubai, anyone?) and would look great with a pair of wide leg trousers.  

Representing celebrities for a living means your office attire is a bit different than the regular suit and blouse combo that we're all used to. This high waisted skirt and gold glitter top, available at Express, is the type of outfit Samantha would wear when striking deals and breaking hearts, coast to coast.

So not everyone can engage in a bidding war to win a thousand dollar, over sized, diamond flower ring like Samantha -- but you can buy a replica online for only $39.99! Show off your confidence and independence by sporting this ring on your left hand, which will certainly overshadow any other jewelry that may or may not be there. Just try doing some finger weights beforehand, this looks like it could be pretty hefty!

Go out there and be fabulous, dolls!


Jen & Saira