Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tips for the Bride: Gifts for Bridesmaids

Every bride knows that a good bridesmaid goes a long way, and a great bridesmaid is irreplaceable. Traditionally, the bride and groom give their supporting cast a little gift as a thank you for all their love, support, and hard work. How small or big the gift is depends on your personal tastes, and of course, your budget. Here are some ideas to show your supporting ladies that you appreciate their hard work in helping you plan your wedding:

Girls are to bags like bees are to honey, so giving your bridesmaids a cute clutch will surely make you the "best bride ever". Etsy seller granspasragsnbags sells a number of handmade clutches in a variety of patterns and prints, so you can definitely find some clutches  that reflect your bridesmaids' style. Plus you can fill it with goodies (think lip gloss, nail polish, jewelry, whatever fits!) to give it an extra special touch.

But if your bridesmaids prefer function over form, then try out these eco friendly tote bags by Etsy selller shopjessbecause. They come in a number of different styles and are all handmade with recycled materials. You can also fill these bags up with some large scale extras as well, such as photo albums, flip flops, picnic blankets, etc. 

A really cute gift is a set of blank notebooks, like these pocket sized journals from Elum Designs. You can select a pattern that reflects your wedding theme and colors, and write a page containing a personalized note to each bridesmaid, thanking them for their contribution.

If your girlfriends have a thing for baking, then a cute printed apron and heart shaped baking pan would make for the sweetest gift. Anthropologie has an eclectic variety of colorful, printed aprons that is sure to channel the inner Julia Child of any bridesmaid. 

Show your bridesmaids that they are close to your heart with this detailed heart pendant from Etsy seller wiyomu. The necklace is adorned with several charms and comes in a ribboned gift box, ready for giving. The best part is that it can be specially ordered for bridal parties, so you can get a few necklaces and receive a little bit of discount! 

For the wine lovers in the group, we love these personalized wine charms by AddieRoseJewelry.  These wine charms are made of sterling silver and are hand stamped to give them a unique and one of a kind look.  Stamp them with their names, or get creative and have them stamped with something your girl loves, like authors, artists, TV Shows, famous couples, Star Wars characters... whatever floats your boat!

Every bridesmaid deserves a little pampering after all the work they've put into making your wedding day special!  Invite them to indulge a little and take some much needed time to relax. If you are not concerned about sticking to a budget, we can bet your girls will be forever grateful for a gift certificate to a spa or salon!  But, if money is an issue, we suggest treating them to some good-enough-to-eat bath/body essentials like these, available at Sephora

And, finally, one of our favorite options for a unique bridesmaids gift is this modern hammered silver cuff bracelet by fellow NJ resident tfakler! On the outside, this bracelet looks edgy and modern, but on the inside you can feel free to get all lovey dovey and express your gratitude with a personalized message.  Your maids will get a lot of use out of this stylish piece and always be reminded of how much you appreciate them!

Love thy bridesmaid.

Jen & Saira

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