Friday, December 24, 2010

The Twelfth Day of Christmas Winner!

On the Twelfth (and final!) Day of Christmas PDR gave to Sheryl...a totally awesome set of letter tile coasters from Yard Sale Press.

Sheryl will receive this fantastic L-O-V-E  set of letter tile coasters. Sure, you could also choose to say that it is a "V-O-L-E" or "L-E-V-O" set, but we think L-O-V-E is just a little bit more our style. You could even make it say "O-L-E" by leaving out the "V" or, if you'd like, you can use this as a base set and order other letters to create even more words and eventually your dining room table can be like a game board!  

Bryan, at Yardsale Press, has his Bachelor's degree from Rowan University and currently works as a printer.  He loves his work and will gladly take on any challenges that come his way from t-shirts, to logos, to wedding invitations, and more.  Although we are not sure where this idea to make these coasters stemmed from, we're so excited that he is making them as they are so clever and fun.  Even though it's hard work (Bryan individually cuts, sands, and carefully prints letter (and points!) before putting the finishing touches on them)  we think it will certainly pay off because they are a seriously cool item to have around your house.  In fact, Jen has a few of these coasters and can personally attest to the quality and level of fun it brings to your space.  But, there can only be one winner.  So, if you are not Sheryl, never fear, you can still order your own set of coasters by contacting Bryan at  Also, be sure to check out his website for additional information!

Thanks, Bryan, for helping to make our giveaway successful.  
We appreciate your support and wish you continued success. 
Keep up the great work!

That completes our 12 Days of Christmas and our 2010!  We hope you all enjoyed this gift giveaway as much as we have and we hope to be able to do it again next year.  Congratulations to Sheryl and to all you winners! And, for all of you who haven't won, there's always next time!

Have a Merry Christmas, a safe and happy New Years, and we'll see you again in 2011.  

Jen & Saira

Sparkle Into the New Year

The new year is just around the corner, so we decided to take a little break from all of our Christmas posting to focus on the party of the year. New Years Eve is a big event, whether you like to party out in Times Square, host a dinner party, or snuggle up in front of the fireplace. If you plan on going out, then you have to wear at least a little sparkle and even if you're not going out, it can't hurt to get a glitzy... it is New Years after all. So here are some ideas on how to sparkle and shine this New Years Eve:

This dress by Eva Franco makes us wish we had fancy New Years plans that involved more than playing guitar hero and drinking sparkling apple cider. It's a gorgeous velvet v-neck dress with layers of gold and silver stripes that will make you you look wonderfully festive. We would love to see this dress with some flashy jewelry and magenta peep toe pumps... let's make it happen.

A sexy black sequined top may not be for everyone, but we think it would look great with a pair of dark jeans and boots (or pumps if you're headed to da club). The wonderful thing about a basic tank is that you can dress it up or down as you see fit. Just don't go overboard with the jewelry; your shirt will shine enough without giant chandelier earrings. And when in doubt, add red lipstick!

If you really want to shine, pair the sequined top from Express with this sequined skirt from Anthropologie! The full tulle skirt reminds us of Black Swan, except in a fun, non-psychotic way. This would also look great with a cap sleeve blouse, a scarf, and some cute ballet flats.

A bolder skirt option is this blue and black sequined skirt from Forever 21. It would look great with black tights and booties or a slim fitting blazer. Sure, you may only wear this skirt once in your whole life, but it's only $20 and you're only young once!

Dress up your eyes this New Years Eve with the Glitter Eyes palette from Sephora. It provides all the tools you need to get sparkly, sultry eyes that are sure to get all the boys swooning. The best part is that it comes with a little instruction booklet, so even if you lack skills in the makeup department, you can still come out looking like a rockstar.

A more casual option that we can see ourselves wearing is this loose fitted sequined top from Top Shop. It's a bit more modest than our other suggestions, except for sexy racer back.  It will definitely be more comfortable than a sequined skirt, and you can wear it with dark jeans and flats for a comfortable but chic night out.

A small sequin bag that can store your lipstick, cell phone, cash, and Tide-to-go is just the thing you need if you plan on party hopping on the 31st. It has a dainty little strap and will go with almost any outfit. Plus, you can reuse it for the next wedding you have to go to.

Even if you're just staying in, you can still dress up (a little) by throwing on some sparkle nail polish! That way your nails will dazzle, even if the rest of you is covered in flannel, Rufus Humphrey Style.

 We think the gold nail polish would look great with this fitted, spandex dress from American Apparel with hold embroidery. It has just a touch of sparkle, which is great for those of us who tend to shy away from shiny things. Be sure to wear it with gold hoop earrings, plenty of attitude, and a pair of Spanx.

 We're huge fans of this sequined vest from Victoria's Secret. It would look great with a casual tank (pictured above) skinny jeans, and ankle booties. Add a long necklace, some loose curls, and you're ready for a sexy and fun night on the town.

All that glitters IS gold!


Jen & Saira

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Eleventh Day of Christmas Winner!

On the 11th Day of Christmas PDR gave to Kasey... a unique owl locket from Gypsy Warrior and a beautiful collage etching by Kate Van Vliet

Kasey will receive this amazing silver and gold heart locket from Gypsy Warrior.  Gypsy Warrior is a collaborative effort from two very stylish dolls, Nicla and Michel (who went to college with us!) The ladies combined their eclectic personal styles to create a website that provides unique and vintage clothing and accessories to women everywhere who want to stand out from the crowd.  Their selections are strongly influenced by retro 60s and 70s style, and have a bohemian edge. While Gypsy Warrior is a fairly new business, they are wildly popular and their items have been selling out like crazy! Be sure to check out their Etsy and Ebay page for the latest fashion deals, and follow them on Facebook as well!

It is definitely Kasey's lucky day. In addition to the amazing owl heart locket, Kasey will also receive this gorgeous etching by Kate Van Vliet. What we really love about Kate's art is that it reflects a beautiful contrast between masculine and feminine. Working with wood, metal, and fire (traditionally thought of as very "masculine" elements) Kate creates art with traditional "feminine" subject matters, such as birth control, compacts, doilies, etc. Kasey will receive a beautiful, framed drawing of a hot air balloon drifting away from a lovely castle. Jen in particular loves this item, as her husband proposed to her on a hot air balloon! But even if you don't have this romantic sentiment to draw you in, we're sure you'll enjoy Kate's delicate and unique style that makes her work so eye catching. Check out Kate's website to view all of her collections, and check out her Etsy page to see what's in stock!

Thanks again, to Gypsy Warrior (big shout out to Michel!) and Kate Van Vliet for their wonderful contributions!  Keep up the amazing work, and have a safe and happy holiday season!

Congratulations to today's winner, Kasey!  Please send us an email with your contact information so we can ship out your prizes asap! Also, tune in tomorrow for the last day of our 12 Days of Christmas (last chance to win a prize if you haven't done so already) and our last post before we go on a Christmas hiatus!

Jen & Saira

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Tenth Day of Christmas Winner!

On the 10th day of Christmas, PDR gave to Kate... a custom button necklace by Land and Laboratory!

Kate will receive a custom button necklace designed by Jen of Land and Laboratory.  Jen has a B.F.A. in painting and a Masters in art history, and incorporated her love for the arts in her jewelry making.  While she began making her button necklaces and earrings as a way of relieving stress during graduate school, her hobby quickly became a passion.  As her friends and family began demanding more and more jewelry, Jen's stress relief quickly became a favorite accessory among her social circle and beyond. We love Land and Laboratory's unique style, which is reflective of Jen's own unique personality.  The pieces have a wonderful sense of color and style that stand out from other designers. The necklace pictured above is one of our favorites, and we also love the mother of pearl earrings that are available on her site.  Kate will be able to have a necklace custom designed for her. May we suggest shades of purple and mauve? Or canary yellow and cream? Or perhaps wooden buttons for a more earthy look? The possibilities are endless!

Thank you Land and Laboratory for your generous donation!  Dolls, be sure to check out Jen's etsy page so you can add her collection to your wish list.

And congratulations to you, Kate!  Please contact us with your email address and we'll be sure to put you in touch with Jen to get started on your custom necklace!

Jen & Saira

Color Day: Dreaming of a White Christmas

Here in NJ it is rare but, on occasion, we are lucky enough to wake up Christmas morning to a soft dusting of snow.  A white Christmas is something we always dream of and it certainly helps to add to the magic of Christmas. We're dreaming of a white Christmas this year, so it's only appropriate that our last color day before the holiday represent just that! Glistening tree tops, sleigh bells ringing and fluffy, white, blankets of snow are part of what makes this season so beautiful. You can go with cool white and silver for an icy mix or warm white and gold for a fire-side glow.  This board shows a little bit of both worlds with a mix of cool and warm whites that captures the essence of candle lit, cozy snowy evening.  

Winter White Christmas Wedding Inspiration Board

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Ninth Day of Christmas Winner!

On the 9th day of Christmas, PDR gave to Rebecca...a custom "One Eyed Girl" piece by artist Kasey Tararuj.

Rebecca will receive a custom "One Eyed Girl" painting of her favorite character, or, if she prefers, she may choose one from Kasey's extensive collection.  Kasey is a young and extremely talented artist from Hamilton, NJ who has always had a passion for art.  In 2008 she received her BFA from The College of New Jersey and since graduating she hasn't stopped painting and creating unique and beautiful pieces.  What makes them so unique?  Well, unlike most other artists, at the age of 14 Kasey suffered from a spinal cord injury that has left her partially paralyzed.  Despite her "handicap", Kasey is always with a smile on her face and has not let her injury stop her from pursuing her goals. She attributes her success and creativity as an artist much to her injury and channels her feelings of frustration, confusion, and passion into her art to creates pieces that really help you feel and understand a little bit of what she's feeling. Kasey has shown a variety of pieces in exhibits all around the country and you can even see some of her pieces on display this holiday season. While you're out finishing up your shopping, check out Kasey's Kaotic Kritter series at the Red Horse Gallery on the second floor of the Freehold Mall from now until January 21st.

Thanks, Kasey, for your generous donation!  Dolls, you can follow Kasey on her blog for art and life updates or visit her website to see the rest of her wonderful 1EG series and other paintings, drawings, and more.

Congratulations, Rebecca!  Please contact us with your email address and we'll be sure to put you in touch with Kasey to get started on your new painting!

Jen & Saira

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Eighth Day of Christmas

On the 8th Day of Christmas PDR gave to Hillary (Yes, again!  That's what happens when you comment a lot!)... some adorable cards from Kathryn Kelly and some homemade soy candles by Jane Szumowski!

Hillary will receive these two great greeting cards from Kathryn Kelly.  Kathryn Kelly, based out of Philadelphia, PA, makes a variety of adorable paper goods.  From pretty greeting cards to handmade notebooks, her designs are youthful and fresh. We particularly had been eyeing up the "We've got great chemistry" card and were thrilled when she included this in her giveaway.  Kathryn hand makes and screen prints her cards, journals, gift tags, and more in bold and bright colors and fun patterns.  We think her creativity and simple, but beautiful, designs make her cards really something to desire and we really appreciate her contributing to our giveaway. Be sure to check out her shop and see her lovely nature inspired pieces in her Flora and Fauna sections -- definitely some lovely pieces to add to your stationary collection.

In addition to those great cards, Hillary will also receive some clean burning, soy candles made by Jen's sister-in-law, Jane.  Jane's candles are made with essential oils and smell good enough to eat so you can enjoy things like Cotton Candy and Blue Berry Cobbler without having to worry about the calories.  And, not only do these candles smell amazing, but these are a great example of making the most out of your centerpieces and repurposing glassware as the larger candle is made using a jar from Jen's wedding. These particular jar candles will burn for hours and leave your home smelling like a bakery or candy shop.  Jane currently does not have a shop of her own, but if you would like more information about her candles or would like to special order some please send us an email and we'll be sure to let her know.

Thanks again, to Jane and Kathryn Kelly for their contributions to our gift giveaway.  We wish you success and happiness and a safe and healthy holiday season.

Congratulations, once again, to our lucky lady Hillary.  We hope you enjoy your prizes and we thank you for being such an ardent supporter of Paper Doll Romance.

Jen & Saira

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Girls

OK, OK, so not all of us have had time to go out shopping for gifts or think about ordering them online ahead of time. Some of us have been busy blogging. But, it's time to get serious because, with only a few days left until Christmas, time is running out! In case you're like us and may have been slacking just a little, we've put together a few last minute gift ideas for the ladies in your life from Grandma to Mom and beyond. So, put on your armor, get out your shield, and prepare to battle long lines, crazy drivers, the lady who took the last size small, and more as you venture out to grab these before it's too late!

Moms are always on the go, so when they're home, their feet deserve to be pampered in these fur trimmed booties available at the Gap. Super soft and warm, they are perfect for cold winter mornings when Dad refuses to turn the thermostat up.  If your in a time crunch and can't find these at The Gap we're sure you can find similar ones at Macy's, Kohls, Target, etc.

Now, we know we said we like our mugs to be personal.  So, if you know the person you're buying for like your sister, bff, or coworker really enjoys a movie/book/tv show, why not get them some merch to go along with it.  This "So the lion fell in love with the lamb" mug would be perfect for any Twilight fan.  Or, if you can't get it shipped in time, check out some local stores like Borders, Barnes and Noble, Hot Topic, or movie stores like FYE to see if they have any available.  We recently spotted some Twilight items in a Borders near us, so there's hope for you yet!

Stores like New York and Company are having great sales that include up to 40% off your final purchase.  Still haven't found something perfect for Grandma? What about a nice and cozy, cowl neck sweater that is sure to keep her warm on those snowy days?  Spruce it up with a pretty little pair of silver earrings and you'll be good to go!

Does your sister have so many hair curling and straightening devices than you know what to do with?  Help her simplify her life with one fantastic tool that can do both!  You've probably seen these in the mall somewhere and yes, they actually work.  Straighten your hair or curl it using use one stroke - we didn't believe it either but we've seen it happen.  Check out this Conair one on Amazon (you can still order from Amazon in time for Christmas!) or just run out to your local Target, Kohls, or Walmart and you're bound to find a similar product.

The ladies in your life are busy, stressed, and maybe even a little frazzled at times so what better gift to give than a relaxing afternoon at the spa?  Massages, pedicures, facials, and more - she is sure to enjoy a refreshing and rejuvenating day all to herself, or, to make it even more special, go with her and enjoy a little quality girl time together.

Show tickets!  These are not just great gifts for guys, but also for girls!  Plan a girls day out and get your Mom, Grandma, Sister, or friend a ticket to see a show or ballet that you've both been looking forward to.  Maybe it's Wicked, or Jersey Boys, or the Lion King -- anything you decide on is bound to be a spectacular experience to remember for a lifetime.

Buying for a tech geek or avid reader?  The Barnes and Noble Nook is a great gift for anyone who loves reading.  Sure, we prefer to hold books in our hands and feel the pages, but there's no denying the convenience of a product like this and the ability to have thousands of books literally at your fingertips.  Now, if only they would make them in "old book" scents... sigh.

Anyway, there's just a few days left so, while we hope that helped to give you some ideas for some quality and thoughtful last minute gift items, we've got to run out and pick up some things ourselves!  Happy shopping and be sure to stay tuned as we finish the last few days of the 12 Days of Christmas and wrap up 2010 this week.

Jen & Saira

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Seventh Day of Christmas Winner!

On the Seventh Day of Christmas, PDR gave to Lynette ... a lovely handmade portrait made from dried flowers by Saira's mom, Rana! 

Lynette will receive this beautiful handmade dried flower portrait set in an ornate golden frame.  All of Rana's portraits are individual and one-of-a-kind. She takes flowers from her everyday life and presses by them hand to create beautiful, unique works of art. While this frame features a simple arrangement of dried alpine flowers, she also creates images and patterns using dried flowers, leaves, herbs, or adding some paint to create depth and layers to the flowers. For a personal touch, she adds a quote written in pencil to all of her creations. These vary from phrases celebrating the season to sharing words of love. This particular frame is made from Swiss alpine flowers that Rana picked while vacationing in the Alps. It contains a little piece of summer and quotes "Summer's Breeze", so if the chilly winter wind is getting you down, just look to your new, handmade artwork and you'll feel all warm and summery inside.

While Rana's does not have her own page at this time, her work is available at local craft fairs. If you're interested in her work please contact PDR for more information. Also, when her Etsy site is up and running, we'll be sure to share it on our blog!  

Thank you to Rana for your generous donation.  We wish you much success and, of course, the happiest of holidays. Congratulations to Lynette on winning this beautiful gift -- please email us with your shipping address so that we can ship it out to you.

Jen & Saira

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Sixth Day of Christmas Winner!

On the Sixth Day of Christmas, PDR gave to Jacky... some all natural, earth friendly goodies from Mary of Heaven and Earth, LLC.

Jacky will receive an assortment of all natural items from Heaven and Earth which includes all homemade, natural, healthy items: homemade citrus bath salts made with dead sea salts, essential oils, and orange zest wrapped in a reusable muslin sack, homemade citrus soap wrapped in eco-chic post-consumer and recyclable materials, and a hand crocheted cotton washcloth.  Heaven and Earth is a family owned and operated business, based out of NJ, that is committed to doing their part to help the environment and live a sustainable lifestyle. They utilize recycled materials for packaging and their products are all earth friendly, vegan, chemical-free and dye-free making them perfect for healthy living. Plus, their soaps smell great, look like yummy little desserts, and often include ingredients like coconut, oatmeal, and poppy seeds that act like a natural exfoliator.  

Be sure to check out the other items from Heaven and Earth on their website, follow Mary and the Heaven and Earth team on their journey to a more sustainable lifestyle on their blog, or become a fan of Heaven and Earth, LLC on Facebook for earth friendly updates and info on their great products.

Thank you to Mary andHeaven and Earth for their generous donation.  We wish you much success and, of course, the happiest of holidays. Congratulations to Jacky on winning this fantastic gift set - please email us with your shipping address so that we may let Heaven and Earth know to ship it out to you.

Jen & Saira

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Fifth Day of Christmas Winner!

On the fifth day of Christmas, PDR gave to Jen (Making it in Madison)... a fun and funky pair of earrings by Heidi Roland.

Jen will receive this fantastic pair of 4 inch, dangly and elegant earrings by jewelry and accessory designer, Heidi Roland.  This ultra light pair of earrings features small pieces of white leather, a delicate gold chain, and small, very real, white feathers. Based out of Philadelphia, PA,  Heidi Roland creates gorgeous earrings for women who dare to be bold and who aren't afraid to express themselves. Using feathers, leather, gold and other natural materials, Heidi creates a look that is truly one of a kind and certainly one that makes a statement. In addition to these winter white feather earrings, we are loving her simple, yet high impact, leather horseshoe earrings that dangle at a dramatic 5 inches and also her long and lovely feather and leather fringe necklaces.  Her expertly crafted earrings are inspired by art, fashion, and free spirited women in a way that is perfectly Pocahontas meets Park Avenue.

Thank you, Heidi, for contributing this gorgeous pair of earrings to our 12 Days of Christmas giveaway and congratulations, Jen, on winning these!

Never fear, dolls!  While this pair of earrings will be on its way to Wisconsin shortly, you can check out Heidi's shop on Etsy for her whole collection and purchase some other great items for yourself, your friends, family, or other bold women in your life.

Jen & Saira

Holiday Style: Office Holiday Party

Tis the season of presents, snow flakes, mittens, and office holiday parties! Depending on your office, the holiday party can be very simple (takes place during lunch on the day before Christmas Eve) or extravagant (takes place at the Empire Hotel where all your clients are invited). You know your office style best, so when dressing up for the office holiday party, carefully consider the timing of the event, the guest list, and the venue. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling:

If you're office is fairly casual, you can easily get away with a simple, festive cardigan.  This one, from New York and Company, has just the right amount of sparkle to spread some Christmas cheer.  Pair it with a nice grey skirt like in the photo and some black tights and heels and you'll be comfortable and stylish all throughout your work day.

Need something just slightly less casual but still polished and professional?  Add a little pizzazz to your otherwise boring office attire and go for ruffles, metallics, and varying patterns this holiday season. The combination of textures adds a level of luxury and the warm winter white and gold creates a luxurious and sophisticated holiday look.

Want to be a little more cozy? This tweed, cowl neck dress from MANGO is wonderfully versatile. How you wear it depends on your office style and your personal flair. Wear it casual with an oversized belt and booties with hoop earrings,  or dress it up black pumps and tights and silver bangles. Either way, you're sure to look chic and warm.

 If your holiday office party takes place right after work, leaving you no room to do a wardrobe change, then pick an outfit that is work appropriate but is still dressy enough for an after-work gathering. This tweed, cowl neck dress from Mod Cloth is a perfect choice. It's modest and sensibly cut, so you can definitely wear it to work with flats and a cardigan without feeling over done. Then after work, throw on some heels, ditch the cardigan, and add some jewelry and you're ready for whatever the night brings!

Another great dress option is this silk petal dress from Banana Republic. Depending on where you work, you could wear this dress during the day with a blazer with your hair throw up in a messy bun, and then take down your hair (literally) for the office party. We really like how this dress looks with black tights (as shown on the model), but you can also wear it with high boots to make it more casual. We also suggest adding some red accessories to get into the Christmas spirit!

Ditch your pencil skirt and go for something a bit more casual this holiday season. This high waisted, paneled skirt from Zara is the perfect length for an office party, showing just the right amount of leg. The basic black makes it safe to wear in the office, but the fullness of the skirt makes it softer and more feminine. Pair the skirt with a simple blouse or a brightly colored cardigan and look perfectly sweet under the mistletoe. 

If you work in a more conservative office, this sleek sleeveless top from The Limited may be a good choice. It comes in a number of different colors,  depending on how bold you want to be. If your office has a stricter dress code, then wear it with a pencil skirt and a blazer. Otherwise, we think this would look really great with the paneled skirt from Zara, pictured above. Just top it off with a red cardigan, and you're all set!

And then for some the holiday party is a lavish cocktail party and time to let loose and cut a rug.  For an occasion like this you'll surely need a fancy and flirty little frock.  We love this LBD because it is fitted and and sexy without being inappropriate. Plus, let's face it, it isn't really Christmas unless there is velvet involved.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Jen & Saira

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Fourth Day of Christmas Winner!

On the fourth day of Christmas PDR gave to Hillary a vintage inspired print from the beautiful and talented Danielle Rizzolo.

Congratulations, Hillary!  Please email us with address so that we contact Danielle and have her ship it to you promptly.

Hillary will receive this charming 10x10 in. antique chair print of an original oil painting by local artist, Danielle Rizzolo. As you take a look at her website and the prints she sells in her shop, it's hard to not be mesmerized by her talent and extreme attention to detail. Danielle may take inspiration from mundane everyday items but the final product of her oil paintings is nothing short of extraordinary.  Her creativity turns boat sails into intricate and delicate lace, makes Lego pirates seem to come to life, and takes a common struggle many of us face daily and turns it into an beautiful, epic battle at sea. 

Danielle hails from Jackson, NJ and received her BFA in Illustration with honors from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA.  Her pieces have been featured in galleries across the US, including Philadelphia, LA, San Fransisco, and New York and her prints have also been sold in Urban Outfitters.  Check out her website, stay up to date with her blog, and check out her etsy shop to purchase a print for yourself.  

Thank you, Danielle, for your support and for contributing to our 12 Days of Christmas!  Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy holiday season!

Jen & Saira

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Third Day of Christmas Winner!

On the third day of Christmas, PDR gave to MEG B.... a lovely assortment of pink items from two very lovely designers,  Zucchini and Co. and Bathtub Jungle.  

It was such a pleasure to meet Melissa, from Zucchini and Co., last week.  Not only are her designs cheerful, romantic, and fresh but she is an enthusiastic and all around delightful person.  Melissa received her BFA in printmaking here in NJ and she is certainly making a name for herself with her charming designs and items that are just perfect for gifting this holiday season. We spent a lot of time gushing over her work from her desk top calendars to her holiday cards, ornaments, and prints.  
Meg B. will receive a whimsical set of all occasion cards from Zucchini and Co.  This set of 6 cards features 2 "Happy Birthday" cards, 2 "Thank You" cards, 1 "Congratulations" card, and one fun little card for just saying "Hello".  Send one of these cards and you'll surely be sending your wishes in style.  

In addition to these cards, Meg will also receive a hilariously funny pair of earrings by Maggie Huth.  In her designs, Maggie states that she strives to, "take the ordinary and make it extraordinary", and this is definitely evident in her shop, Bathtub Jungle.  Her hand cut sterling silver silhouette necklaces are so delicate and beautiful and feature a variety of designs from classic keys and antique chairs to funky tentacles emerging from a lovely old fashioned bathtub.

Meg will receive one of Maggie's favorite items from her shop, this funny little pair of pig head and butt earrings.  You'll find a variety of pairs of these kitschy earrings in all different animals - pigs, cats, dogs, horses, wolves, and more - perfect for you or any animal lover in your life.  These are small little stud earrings (smaller in person than they appear here) with sterling silver backings and would make excellent stocking stuffers this Christmas.

And, finally, Meg will also get a special little pink cupcake ornament courtesy of Paper Doll Romance.

Congratulations, Meg B.! Please email us with your contact information by Friday to claim your gift.

Thanks, again, to Melissa from Zucchini and Co. and Maggie from Bathtub Jungle for donating to our gift giveaway and for supporting Paper Doll Romance.  We wish you a very happy holiday and were so pleased to have been able to feature you and your wonderful work.

Jen & Saira

Color Day: Visions of Sugar Plums

Today's inspiration board is based on the most popular ballet of the season, The Nutcracker. The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy is a classic and reminds us of childhood dreams of becoming ballerinas.  While we may not be actual dancers these days we can still dress up in frilly clothes, pull our hair into a bun, and show the world that we'll always be prima ballerinas at heart.
Wedding Inspiration Board: Visions of Sugar Plum, Pink, White, & Gold)

Jen & Saira

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Second Day of Christmas Winner!

On the second day of Christmas PDR gave to LAUREN ... a set of screen printed holiday cards from exit 343 design and a vintage, soy candle in Winter Mint by Melo Studios.

Stephanie Harvey, of exit 343 design, is a very fun and friendly artist based out of Philadelphia, PA.  Stephanie received her BFA from Rowan University and her MFA from Penn State. Primarily a printmaker, Stephanie takes inspiration from every day life and channels her artistic talents into unique and remarkable pieces like screen prints, cards, handmade notebooks, and more! She sells a variety of prints and cards in her shop that are vibrantly colored, bold, creative, and, best of all, funny. For example, are you feeling a little left out of all the save the dates and engagement announcements you've been getting lately?  Get in on all that snail mail action and send one of Stephanie's "I am not engaged" greeting cards because..well..why should they get to have all the fun?  

 Lucky Lauren will receive this cheerful pack of Holiday cards by Stephanie Harvey.  Festive red and green are silkscreened onto bright white card stock in a design meant to emulate the look of letter pressed cards. With the unique design and charming gold stitching, these whimsical cards are sure to make someone's holiday merry and bright. 

There's more?  You bet!  We're feeling generous today, so we've decided to also give away a really special item to accompany these cards.  Liz and Olivia over at Melo Studios, in Ardmore, PA, make gorgeous candles that you can feel good about. These ladies strive to live a sustainable lifestyle and their products are made using only earth friendly ingredients. With soy based wax, essential oils, cotton wicks, and reclaimed or recycled glass, these candles are hand poured with mother earth in mind. These candles are fabulous, so much so that they are currently being sold in Whole Foods stores in Marlton, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, and more!

In addition to the lovely holiday cards,  Lauren will also receive this truly one of a kind soy candle by Melo Studios. Liz and Olivia were so kind to allow us to choose an item to give away to you and, after many minutes of touching and sniffing every candle on the table (they were all so great, it was hard to choose!), we finally decided that this was the one for us, minty fresh and perfect for the holiday season.

Thanks, again, to Stephanie Harvey of exit 343 designs and Liz and Olivia from Melo Studios for your very generous donations and for supporting our blog.

Congratulations to Lauren for winning our Second day of Christmas prizes!  Lauren - be sure to email us your address so we can promptly ship these to you.

Jen & Saira  

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sneak Peak!

Hi, dolls! Here's a little sneak peak of gifts to come! 

 Not shown here is a gift box from Heaven and Earth LLC, a beautiful print from Danielle Rizzolo, a custom button necklace from Land and Laboratory, jewelry from Gypsy Warrior and also Atlantic Coast Art, and a custom piece of your choice from Kasey Tararuj.

Free stuff is fun!

Jen & Saira

Our first winner!

The first winner of the PDR 12 Days of Christmas is... drum roll, please...

Maggie Murphy!

Maggie was randomly drawn from a digital hat (thank you, Iphone) and is the winner of the great gift package donated to us by Jenny and Marcy from befrank.

Maggie, please email us your address so that we can promptly get this out to you.

Thanks, again to befrank and to Maggie for being a loyal reader.  And, dolls, be sure to get your comments in now to be eligible for some other great prizes. We'll post a teaser shot later tonight and announce the next winner tomorrow morning.

Jen & Saira

The First Day of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas PDR gave to me... some cheerful and charming holiday paper goods from Jenny and Marcy of befrank!

Jenny Yip and Marcy Zuczek are the extraordinarily talented designers responsible for befrank, based out of Philadelphia, PA. They carefully craft exceptionally lovely and modern holiday cards, garlands, gift tags, lists, and more using a variety of unique colors and materials.  Their attention to detail, love for vintage charm, and remarkable sense of style really sets befrank apart and we are thrilled to feature them on our blog for our 1st Day of Christmas! Jen had the pleasure of meeting with Jenny and Marcy at the Crafty Balboa fair last weekend and these generous gals were happy to share some of their favorites from their collection with us.  Today's winner will receive one pack of holiday cards, one adorable gift tag, and handmade, paper notebooks with a beautiful lace print!

This cute gift tag will make the perfect finishing touch to any holiday gift.  This cards is hand made, carefully stitched, and sure to bring some holiday cheer to your gift.  The best part?  It fit into tiny envelopes that is adorned by a one of a kind button snowman made out of both new and vintage buttons and colorful red thread.

This set of holiday cards is extremely unique and was one of befrank's items that first caught our eye.  Wish your friends and family a merry xmas and happy new year with these neutral colored cards that feature an original wintery design and modern, funky, card stock tags that are stitched for extra sparkle.

What a nice surprise these notebooks were! We had no idea that these would be included in the giveaway and we are so excited to have a set to give away to you.  These two notebooks are handmade and printed with a lacey pattern and sweet bird graphic and have blank pages for all your notes and doodles.

Much thanks to Jenny and Marcy of befrank for their generous gift donation.  Be sure to check out their Etsy shop and keep an eye out for more unique items from these lovely ladies.

Check back tonight when we announce the winner to see if you will be the lucky recipient of these great items.  Also, be sure to check back later for a sneak peak of giveaways yet to come!

Jen & Saira

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Guys

To continue with our holiday gift guide, let's hear it for the boys! Guys act like they're so easy to shop for, but after a while you get tired of buying them socks and video games every year. And unless they provide you with an Amazon wish list (which can actually be very helpful), you either end up getting the same thing every year or buy things that you want them to want... which can be problematic. So to help you with your quest, here are some gift ideas that the guys in your life are sure to love:

Give the gift of laughter, love, and videogames this season with the Scott Pilgrim Precious Little Boxset. Inside you will find all six graphic novels depicting Scott Pilgrim's quest to battle his true love's seven evil ex-boyfriends. It's packaged nicely in a colorful slipcase just in time for the holiday season, and it comes with a bonus poster designed by Bryan Lee O'Malley! And, if you know someone who already has all the books, you can buy just the slipcase and poster online for $10!

Most guys have at least one cell phone (personal and work), MP3 player, digital camera, etc. All of these tech devices need to be charged, resulting in a million different chargers getting tangled up at the bedside table. But, never fear, the grassy lawn charger is here! You can sort through all the wires and have them run neatly through the bottom of the box. The electrical devices can gently rest on a layer of very green (and fake) grass, resulting in a very aesthetically pleasing power station.

 This is one gift that we can guarantee will be loved by almost any guy. The Zombie Survival Guide provides you with all the necessary information on how to prepare for and subsequently survive a zombie attack. While categorized as "humor," this book can most definitely save the life of you and your loved ones. 

 Guys will never shop for themselves, even when their belongings are falling apart. This is especially the case with guys and bags. If you know a guy who is still wearing his old Jansport circa 1997, then it may be time for an upgrade. Brooklyn Industries make very durable, functional, and (in their own way) stylish messenger bags. They come in a few different colors and styles to suit your guy's style, and best of all, they are more or less gender neutral, which means you can use it too!  Another popular choice among actual bike messengers is the Chrome bag, with it's lifetime warranty!

We don't quite get the need to have giant headphones when everyone is all about having tiny MP3 players, but guys definitely seem to have a love affair with headphones. Now, you can go for something that's top of the line and break your bank, or you can choose something more affordable like these awesome headphones by Urbanears Plattan that both sound good and look good. They come in a variety of colors (we're partial to the baby pink) and they're a bit more compact than the other choices out there.

If your guy isn't into tangible gifts, or if he is someone who has pretty much everything, we also like the idea of gifting an experience.  If you ask Jen's husband, one of the best gifts she ever gave him for Christmas was a flying lesson. Adventurous guys like interesting gifts and a flight lesson, music lesson, scuba diving class, etc. would be perfect to create a memory that can last a lifetime.  These things are actually really easy to find and can be more affordable than you would think, with a flight lesson costing between $99 and $179.

And, along the same lines as the experience thing, don't forget about events like concerts, theatre, comedy shows, etc.  Many of us are fortunate enough to be able to just purchase what we want, which makes it difficult for other people to pick things out and buy them for us.  See if your grandpa/dad/brother/hubby/bf has a favorite musician or performer than will be in your area in the next month or so and book tickets ahead of time!  Then, wrap them in an oversized box so that they'll really be surprised.

Let's face it, Grandpas and Dad's are the hardest.  They've been around a while, have seen many Christmases, and pretty much have everything they need.  So, what is one to do?  Well, when one really has everything and you can't think of anything else, consider the tried and true "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach".  Does he love coffee or wine?  How about signing him up for a wine/coffee of the month club like the one shown above that provides a new flavor of fair trade coffee every month!? Or if he prefers food over beverage, you have plenty of options. You'd actually be surprised at how many "of the month" clubs there are out there ranging from cheese to lobster to steak and more!

Jen & Saira