Friday, January 7, 2011

Hairstyle Look Book: Side Buns

Getting dressed up almost always involves getting your hair done. For some that means lavish curls, a sexy blowout, or an extravagant updo.  One of our favorite "red carpet" looks is the side bun. It brings all the elegance of an updo, but with a fresh and sweet take. Oftentimes, you spend so much time getting your hair put in an updo, but no one can admire it in the pictures since your head is blocking the view! This way, you can strike a pretty pose with your coiffe in the foreground. Check it out!

Those are some hot buns!


Jen & Saira


  1. I love side buns! However, I can never get them to look right when I do them myself. =/

  2. wedding hair inspiration!!

  3. It's funny, because I (Saira) was actually thinking about both of you when drafting this post!

    Maggie, side buns look really good on you! I think you did it for last New Years Eve and I really loved it. The side part looks particularly good on you I think.

    And Lauren, this is definitely your wedding hairstyle. I think me, Jen, and Ashley all thought so before even realizing that was your plan all along!

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  5. I like the blonde's BIG side bun with tendrils gracefully hanging down! ;)

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  7. Amazing hair styles. Really awesome.

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