Monday, January 31, 2011

Mad Men Character Inspiration Part 2: Betty Draper

Today we are excited to feature our second Mad Monday. We love vintage looks and, when it comes to feminine style , there is none more charming than model turned housewife, Betty Draper.  Betty is the epitome of how the modern 1950's wife and mother should look. Her style is a little bit of a mixed bag and goes from pretty and youthful (a la Grace Kelly) to respectable and sophisticated (think Jackie O) little by little.  But, regardless of her choices, she never fails to look fashionable and picture perfect with not a single hair out of place.

One of Birdie's favorite styles to wear is the sleeveless, button down dress.  Throughout the show you'll see her in a variety of these dresses, usually as her everyday kind of wear, and typically paired with a skinny belt.  We can certainly see her wearing something like this around the house, grocery shopping, or at one of her Junior League meetings.

Entertaining guests or just looking to impress?  Be the perfect hostess in a simple but stunning dress like this with it's modern colors and pattern and classic silhouette. Betty usually doesn't choose colors like these but she will for a festive occasion or for when she is looking to get a little attention.

Sure, there is another side of Betty (the pants wearing side) but that is one that we rarely see.  When you do you can bet they'll be some pretty unique and fashion forward pants like these plaid ones!

Charming business men isn't easy!  To wine and dine her hubby's coworkers at formal dinners and weddings, we think Betty would have loved this dress from Macy's.  This dress is modest and appropriate for an upper class woman of her time with it's full skirt and lovely pale pink color.

Being wealthy isn't easy and your bound to have more than a few social events to attend to. If your planning to attend a more modern and fun cocktail party, you could opt for this adorable little number.  All eyes will be on you in this gorgeous dress with feminine colors, a bit of sparkle, and Betty's signature full skirt that creates the perfect hourglass.  Don't forget your white gloves!

In later seasons you're more likely to see Betty is something like this.  As her life changes (no spoilers!) she starts dressing a bit more conservative and respectable, showing that she is growing up and changing. While dressing more mature, she is still as classy and beautiful as ever.

When Betty needs some time to herself she hits the stables for some riding and is, of course, dressed appropriately. This would be the perfect chic and modern equestrian outfit, complete with boots,  riding pants, and a conservative sweater and turtleneck all in neutral classy colors.

Now, let's not forget accessories.  Betty's accessories are classic and feminine and very simple.  Need to add a pop of color to an outfit or make yourself look more respectable and presentable?  Just add a chic silk scarf and you're ready to go!

And, of course, Betty is never without the blue blood staple, pearls!  She is often seen wearing big, oversized pearl stud earrings or a delicate necklace.  Slip on a pair of these and your double strand pearl necklace and you'll feel instantly glamorous. 

Jen & Saira

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