Friday, July 30, 2010

Real Wedding: Mike and Sheryl - Part 1 of 2

We hope you enjoyed our post last Friday on Mike and Sheryl's gorgeous E-session at Coney Island.  Today we are thrilled to share this lovely couple's special day with you.  These images were captured by the very talented duo, Wayne and Angela, from Wayne Yuan Photography.
There were so many stunning shots that we couldn't pick just a few, so we've decided to split Mike and Sheryl's wedding into two parts - getting ready/pre-ceremony portraits and  then next week tune in for the ceremony/reception. Getting ready is a sometimes fun and sometimes stressful time for a bride and Sheryl was happy to share some of her feelings with us.  When asked how she felt the morning of her wedding Sheryl told us she was actually pretty calm and relaxed and then she followed with, "I think the most memorable part was when the flowers arrived at the room. I was already all done up and dressed, and the photographers were taking some portrait shots. They were so beautiful and they really pulled everything together. It was the last thing I needed to feel like a bride and then we were off to see Mike!"  

Sheryl and Mike decided to take their pictures
pre-ceremony (obvi the best way to do it since this ensures the hair and makeup is still all in place).  They had a romantic rendezvous at the bottom of the Hilton Newark Penn escalator and, blessed with a gorgeous day and bright shining sun, they were whisked away to Branch Brook Park for some pre-ceremony portraits with the Bridal Party.

Thanks again to Sheryl and Mike for sharing these with us!  Be sure to check back next week for the finale which will include details on designers & vendors and, of course, beautiful shots including the ceremony, reception, general decor, and more!

Jen & Saira

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Color Day Themes: The Beach

We liked last week's sunflower theme so much that we decided to do another theme for this week!  Sometime next May-August Jen's mom will be getting married.  Although they have not yet set a date one thing has been agreed upon; it will be a beach wedding!  With some creative thinking and mother nature providing a serene backdrop, making a beach wedding romantic and beautiful  is a breeze.  Here is an inspiration board for all you beach bums out there.  Remember these things can translate to other areas and not just weddings.  These ideas are also great for summer dinner parties and shore house decorating! Keeping it light and neutral and introducing cool, subtle colors like those of sea glass or salt water taffy is key to creating a casual and cool seaside look.

Beach Theme Inspiration Board

Jen & Saira

Monday, July 26, 2010

"The Office" Character Inspiration: Angela Martin

Welcome back, dolls!  As promised, here is our second post by our Guest Blogger, Lynette, featuring more fashions from one of our favorite shows, "The Office".  Last week we were inspired by the fabulous, and sometimes inappropriate, Kelly Kapoor.  Today, we do a 180 and take a look at the prim, proper, and always polished, Angela Martin.  Thanks, again, to  Lynette for this fabulously thought out post.  


Meet Angela, our resident stickler at the Office. With a prickly exterior, a severe Christian outlook on twenty first century society, and an unfortunate soft spot for one Dwight K. Schrute, Angela remains one of the least liked people in the Office. As someone who chooses to hide her body at work, she usually favors high necked outfits with longer skirts or trousers in somber colors.  Here are some ideas to help you add a little conservative charm to your wardrobe, without being totally puritanical.

This gray short-sleeved cardigan is a perfect Office basic. Beautifully detailed, with a high neck and long body, this sweater is perfect for Fall or Springtime in the office. It can be paired with either pants or a skirt, and can be worn throughout the seasons.

While Angela has expressed that she thinks green is "whorish", I think teal would be acceptable.  I picked this dress for her because of the high neckline, lower hemline, and feminine bow detail. It’s conservative enough for anyone to wear, in addition to being an amazing shade of teal that would brighten anyone’s day during the drab business hours. This style of dress would be great for Angela since it is perfectly contoured for someone who is petite and could flatter her silhouette without being revealing.

While I believe in the sanctity of adding color to the workplace, Angela really likes to keep it somber. And black. And covered from neck to knee. However, all of those requirements don’t have to necessarily add up to a boring outfit. This beautifully simple black dress is another closet basic that can be outfitted for several occasions, even if those occasions fall on the same day. Appropriate for work? Check. Appropriate for a bird funeral? Check.

Okay, I just couldn’t resist. While I know that Angela herself might find something to dislike about this dress – the happy color, for instance – I think the dress fulfills most of her requirements. It’s completely appropriate for the Office and for church, and can be worn throughout the year. Personally, I would LOVE to see Angela in a color as bright as this, although I am pretty sure she'd only dare wear it in black, grey, or brown.

And now on to some tops that Angela would wear in order to keep someone from saying, “she looks like she took the slow train from Philly,” which is code for, “hey, check out that slutty girl” in Angela’s language. This beautifully simple top from New York and Co is a perfect example of how to be conservative in the Office without losing your personality in the process! If you have to go ultra conservative, ruffles and some matching jewelry are always a lovely addition to your outfit. In addition, this paler color can be matched with nearly any color bottom which makes it a versatile, year-round outfit piece.

Be covered up in style! Here is yet another example of how you can dress up any piece that covers you from neck to wrist. This beautifully detailed ruffle, in addition to the deeper neckline, makes this a seriously gorgeous variation on a simple black sweater.

Angela might like to be covered up 99.9% of the time (I’m leaving some time for her and Dwight to procreate…EW), but her fashion sense really isn’t awful. It’s conservative, but appropriate for the Office environment while maintaining hints of her prickly personality. This adorable button up shirt from Anthropologie is a perfect example. It maintains a conservative neckline and an appropriate sleeve length while also being fussy and old-fashioned, which is exactly what we'd expect to find in Angela's closet. 

Jen & Saira

Friday, July 23, 2010

Real Engagement: Mike and Sheryl

Perhaps you remember back in May, when we had written about how we were desperately searching for dresses to wear to our good friend, Mike's, wedding. Well, Mike and his new bride, Sheryl, are so important to us that we've decided to feature them in a multi-post "Real Couple" series!

Sheryl and Mike met back in April of 2004 at NJIT, in Newark, New Jersey, and have been together ever since. Introduced by a mutual friend (who would later become the charming best man), they began chatting online, dining at the campus cafeteria, and watching the latest episode of The O.C. (oh how we miss it...). Their relationship continued to grow, they began dating officially, and eventually Mike and Sheryl graduated college and moved in together.  
Then one day Mike, being ever so sneaky, created a romantic candle lit path in a park in Sheryl's hometown and lured Sheryl there saying they were having ice cream. Sheryl never did get that ice cream... but, she did get a ring!  This particular ring meant a lot to Sheryl, and she wrote to us with the story behind the ring that was so sentimental and sweet that we had to share it with you as well.  Sheryl writes, "Mike proposed using my grandmothers diamond set on a setting I had pointed out a few months before. She had been sick for awhile and had given it to my mom for me or my sister to use. The day after he proposed we went to visit her to tell her the good news, and she passed away the next day."  

So, with Grandma's blessing, they began their wedding planning and decided they wanted to work with Wayne Yuan, of Wayne Yuan Photography, for their engagement and wedding photography.  We asked Sheryl why they picked Coney Island and she said they loved the colors and industrial feel. She went on to add, "there is something about that place that makes it eerie and amusing all at the same time, and there is so much to offer in such a small area that allows for a lot of great photo opportunities." Coney Island was an exciting, entertaining, and bustling spot during the early 19th century and to this day its allure is still apparent.  Maybe it's the smell of cotton candy and funnel cakes, maybe it's the history and romance wondering how many couples had courted there before them, or maybe it's just genuine love for one another, but whatever it is, these photos really capture Mike and Sheryl's joy in being together. We think Wayne did a brilliant job capturing the moment, and we love the bright colors, sweet poses, dramatic lighting, and composition. 
Take a look for yourself!  

Thanks, Mike and Sheryl for sharing your engagement with us!  And thanks to Wayne Yuan for the beautiful eye candy!  

Check back next Friday for Mike and Sheryl's Wedding!

Jen & Saira

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Color Day Themes: Sunflowers!

We're doing color Wednesday a little different today.  When thinking of what colors to do this week, we decided it might be fun to try a motif or theme instead.  Many people to choose to theme their decor according to different seasons, areas around the globe, patterns, etc.  Today's Inspiration Board is based on a summer staple, the Sunflower!  Sunflowers always seem to have the power to liven things up and energize a space. There is a strange bit of happiness you feel when looking out at a sunflower field and you can't help but smile when you see their bright and cheery faces awaken to the morning sun.

Sunflower Wedding Inspiration Board

It's a sunshine day!      

Jen & Saira

Monday, July 19, 2010

"The Office" Character Inspiration: Kelly Kapoor

It's Monday, and at this point we can be certain that most people are dreading the work week as much as we are and are already wishing for the weekend. To many, the word "office" just makes you want to run for the hills, but, fans of TV's "The Office" will have a very different reaction.  As one of the most well written comedies on television, The Office has won our hearts.  Today's post, by our Guest Blogger, Lynette , is one of a 3 part series of character inspirations dedicated to the sometimes charming, sometimes outlandish, and always hilarious females of "The Office". Thank you, Lynette, for contributing to our summer guest blogger series!  Readers: check out Lynette's post below and keep an eye out for other Office inspired posts in the upcoming weeks!

Welcome to the Office! Now, everyone knows that we don’t always look our best at work. And in TV land, well, we still don’t always look our best at work. But we’ve chosen to highlight the styles of these Office women anyway.

Kelly Kapoor is the bright and bubbly Customer Service representative for Dunder Mifflin. A dying breed in the current era of robotic telephonic customer service lines, Kelly is the person you reach at the end of the ring. Whether she helps to answer your question, or leaves you on hold as she sends notes to her lover Ryan, Kelly always demonstrates the brightest and boldest fashion in the Office. Whether or not her outfits are office appropriate is an entirely different matter. 

Kelly has NEVER been afraid to wear color in the Office. In fact, sometimes Kelly is the only bright spot of color in an episode. The shape and texture of thisgrape skirt help slim her shape and pairing it with a simple top and matching sweater would definitely have Ryan checking out her “junk in the trunk.”

And look at the adorable purple and pink floral cardigan to pair with it! It’s the perfect cover up to the dress that might not be appropriate for office hours, but will be appropriate for your plans after 5. All you have to do is slip on your heels in the car. Not to mention the great versatility that remains the number one selling point of cardigans. Any businesswoman knows that you can’t have too many cover ups at work! Whether it’s to protect your shirt after spilling coffee on yourself, bundling up when someone sets the thermostat a little too low, or keeping yourself covered during your meetings with the creepy leering guy who works down the hall from you, every girl can find a cardigan useful!

While this dress could be considered inappropriate for work by killjoys (cough::Angela::cough), it’s simply way too adorable to sit in Kelly’s closet waiting for Ryan to call. Look at it! Lips all over it in different lipstick colors! And ruffled sleeves! The construction of the dress is pure genius as it conforms to Kelly’s curves and shows off her assets without being revealing enough to send Toby to her cubicle with HR paperwork.

This dress is super cute, and just a tad dressy for the workplace. On the other hand, if you’re meeting someone for after-work drinks, this dress is pretty much perfect. The bright color would look perfect against Kelly’s dark skin, and the ruffles are super girly and fun for a night out. This is the kind of dress that would make Kelly go bananas (B-A-N-A-N-A-S).

This are yet another example of work basics. I think that both of the tops featured above are perfect Kelly-wear for the Office. Just enough fashion to suit those who love to dress up without being too revealing or fancy for work.  While I personally think bare arms are a little too casual for the office, pairing the top on the right with a nice cardigan would be more appropriate.  Or, if you want to keep things simple, the short sleeved style on the left would be great on it's own.

This dress from Ann Taylor is a favorite of mine! While Kelly would never wear those sandals to work, the dress and matching accessories showcase a beautiful work outfit. If you have some question as to whether or not you can show wear sleeveless to your office, you can simply add on a simple short sleeved cardigan or button up sweater to this dress. It’s flattering without being revealing and the knit fabric is perfect for keeping Kelly cool in hotter weather, or when Oscar turns up the thermostat in the Office. Not to mention that Kelly can color coordinate this dress with one of Ryan’s myriad outfits this year so they can be the cutest couple ever! (Yes, even cuter than Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and baby Suri.)

And, of course, Kelly's social calendar is packed with special events, like weddings.  And, since she looks really good in white, so she would always need to have a great white dress for such occasions. The other guests might be talking smack about it, but this dress, from JCrew, would truly solve Kelly's fashion emergencies.

Thanks, Lynette, for sharing this fantastic post with us!  Kelly Kapoor is one of our very favorite characters.  She may not always be the brightest crayon in the box, but she is definitely the most colorful and vibrant person in the office.  

Jen & Saira

Friday, July 16, 2010

Wedding Style: Cake Toppers

One half of the PDR team celebrates a birthday today!  So, let's all wish Saira a very "Happy Birthday!" and hope she gets to take some time out of bar studying to enjoy herself.

Birthdays get us thinking of sweet and delicious cake!  And, no cake would be complete without a topper.  Typically for birthdays you'll get fun trick candles, maybe a fire truck or other plastic toy prop, cheesy photo of yourself, etc. etc.  But, for weddings, you get something more than a decoration, you get a piece of art that serves to make a statement.  Here are a few noteworthy wedding cake toppers that show a lot of personality!  Display these toppers on your cakes for decoration, in your scrapbook for future generations to see, or on a book shelf to act as a memento, and intriguing conversation piece, for years to come:

Did we ever think something made out of paper could be this intricate and beautiful? Concarta features some gorgeous cake toppers that are carefully constructed out of paper, though you certainly wouldn't believe it at first glance.  The attention to detail is amazing and we think these are a lovely, romantic, and modern twist on the traditional bride and groom cake topper.

Those fond of Philly's Love Park will enjoy this cake topper.  The topper is a replica of the Robert Indiana statue that stands in Philadelphia and many places around the globe.  Art lovers, skate boarders, and modern couples everywhere would be thrilled to have this sculpture, by Blue Butterfly Design, adorn the top of their cake!

Ok, seriously, how cute are these!?  These pewter love birds, by sugarrushcakes, really take the cake! They are so simple and elegant and would be the perfect addition to any confectionery creation.  Plus, we think these would look adorable on a shelf afterwards as a little decorative element.

As far as wooden doll designs go, togetherforever's cake toppers are something to marvel at.  The craftsmanship is top notch and the final result is nothing short of delightful.  Complete with handmade clothing, childlike hand painted faces, and customized to your wedding color and style, these toppers are works of art that are irresistibly charming.

You love your pets, so why not include them on your cake and portray yourselves as the happy family you are.  These toppers, by peanutbutterbandit, are hand painted and customized to resemble the bride and groom, and their cats! How fun!  Plus, these wooden doll pieces are more affordable then some similar ones we have in this post, so it's a great option for you brides on a budget to get an adorable topper without sacrificing style!

Love birds are some of our favorites and these, personified as the bride and groom, are modern and fun but still incredibly graceful.  These birdies RedLightStudio are so cute and whimsical and can be customized to suite the bride and groom's style (check out that flower in the hair!) and colors.

 We think it's adorable when the cake topper really represents the couple well and this one certainly says a lot!  Bike enthusiasts everywhere will appreciate this tandem bike topper by etsy seller HeatherBoyd.  This cycling couple is handmade using metal wire, and customized with the names of the bride and groom!  How does it stand up, you ask?  With a kickstand, of course!  

"Let them eat cake!"

Jen & Saira

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Color Day: Peach and Seafoam

Summer in NJ is all about days relaxing on the beach, so here's a summer color board that would make Grandma proud!  Take a walk through Jen's grandma's house down by the bay and you'll find yourself overwhelmed with seafoam and peach. Throughout the space, from the couch to the wallpaper to the dining room table, and decorative elements, it is obvious that Grandma Dee is totally crazy for this color combo, and we can't blame her! These hues are soft and calming and are truly representative of beach elements like waves and coral.  They are cool and light and perfect for your summer wedding, party, or decor.

Peach & Seafoam Wedding Color Inspiration Board

Sally sells sea shells by the seashore!

Jen & Saira