Monday, July 26, 2010

"The Office" Character Inspiration: Angela Martin

Welcome back, dolls!  As promised, here is our second post by our Guest Blogger, Lynette, featuring more fashions from one of our favorite shows, "The Office".  Last week we were inspired by the fabulous, and sometimes inappropriate, Kelly Kapoor.  Today, we do a 180 and take a look at the prim, proper, and always polished, Angela Martin.  Thanks, again, to  Lynette for this fabulously thought out post.  


Meet Angela, our resident stickler at the Office. With a prickly exterior, a severe Christian outlook on twenty first century society, and an unfortunate soft spot for one Dwight K. Schrute, Angela remains one of the least liked people in the Office. As someone who chooses to hide her body at work, she usually favors high necked outfits with longer skirts or trousers in somber colors.  Here are some ideas to help you add a little conservative charm to your wardrobe, without being totally puritanical.

This gray short-sleeved cardigan is a perfect Office basic. Beautifully detailed, with a high neck and long body, this sweater is perfect for Fall or Springtime in the office. It can be paired with either pants or a skirt, and can be worn throughout the seasons.

While Angela has expressed that she thinks green is "whorish", I think teal would be acceptable.  I picked this dress for her because of the high neckline, lower hemline, and feminine bow detail. It’s conservative enough for anyone to wear, in addition to being an amazing shade of teal that would brighten anyone’s day during the drab business hours. This style of dress would be great for Angela since it is perfectly contoured for someone who is petite and could flatter her silhouette without being revealing.

While I believe in the sanctity of adding color to the workplace, Angela really likes to keep it somber. And black. And covered from neck to knee. However, all of those requirements don’t have to necessarily add up to a boring outfit. This beautifully simple black dress is another closet basic that can be outfitted for several occasions, even if those occasions fall on the same day. Appropriate for work? Check. Appropriate for a bird funeral? Check.

Okay, I just couldn’t resist. While I know that Angela herself might find something to dislike about this dress – the happy color, for instance – I think the dress fulfills most of her requirements. It’s completely appropriate for the Office and for church, and can be worn throughout the year. Personally, I would LOVE to see Angela in a color as bright as this, although I am pretty sure she'd only dare wear it in black, grey, or brown.

And now on to some tops that Angela would wear in order to keep someone from saying, “she looks like she took the slow train from Philly,” which is code for, “hey, check out that slutty girl” in Angela’s language. This beautifully simple top from New York and Co is a perfect example of how to be conservative in the Office without losing your personality in the process! If you have to go ultra conservative, ruffles and some matching jewelry are always a lovely addition to your outfit. In addition, this paler color can be matched with nearly any color bottom which makes it a versatile, year-round outfit piece.

Be covered up in style! Here is yet another example of how you can dress up any piece that covers you from neck to wrist. This beautifully detailed ruffle, in addition to the deeper neckline, makes this a seriously gorgeous variation on a simple black sweater.

Angela might like to be covered up 99.9% of the time (I’m leaving some time for her and Dwight to procreate…EW), but her fashion sense really isn’t awful. It’s conservative, but appropriate for the Office environment while maintaining hints of her prickly personality. This adorable button up shirt from Anthropologie is a perfect example. It maintains a conservative neckline and an appropriate sleeve length while also being fussy and old-fashioned, which is exactly what we'd expect to find in Angela's closet. 

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