Friday, June 10, 2011

Bridal Shower Theme: Breakfast at Tiffany's

Breakfast at Tiffany's is glamorous, stylish, and magical. From the music to the fashion and the New York City sites, it's no wonder that the film has had such an iconic impact on American pop culture It's a perfect theme for a chic and fun bridal shower.

1. Invitations: Of course, the color theme for a Breakfast at Tiffany's shower is Tiffany blue, black and white. As long as your invitations follow these colorings, your theme will come across loud and clear. You can always add images and patterns to make it more vibrant and playful.

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2. Decorations: White flowers and candles will keep your decor clean and classic. Remember, Holly Golightly is a bit scatterbrained, so no need to go over the top with decor. Just make sure you have plenty of martini glasses!

3. Food: Obviously, the theme begs serving "breakfast" i.e. espresso, danishes, brioche, mimosas, etc. You're not bound by your theme's namesake, however, and can pretty much serve whatever you want, so long as it has style. Think champagne, cupcakes, bon bons, and delicate finger foods. 

4. Favors: The perfect favor would of course be a trinket from Tiffany's, but unless you're a celebrity, that seems unlikely. You can, however, give small favors that could be incorporated to the theme, such as cigarette holders for your guests to utilize, fake tiaras, etc. Here are some ideas for more tangible gifts.

5. Attire: Audrey Hepburn's look in Blake Edward's classic film is mimicked endlessly. Generally speaking, the attire is very simple, as all it requires it a LBD. Nonetheless, your guests will enjoy having a chance to dress up and have fun, throwing on pearls, gloves, and oversized hates and sunglasses. Maybe some will even dare to wear a tiara!

We're just crazy about Tiffany's!


Jen & Saira


  1. I love it!! I am also a Hepburn fan!! I wonder if this would also be cute for a baby shower theme??

  2. We have definitely seen people do this as a baby shower, wedding, and birthday theme also. What can we say, Audrey brings out the classy party animal in us all.

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