Friday, February 18, 2011

Hairstyle Look Book: The Big Bang

Cutting bangs can dramatically change your look, for better or worse. While this look isn't for every face shape, it can be very flattering and stylish. You can make them blunt and dramatic or soft and gentle, depending on your style. The length of your bangs really depends on your personal preference, but those with longer faces can pull off shorter bangs, without looking like a school girl. If this is a new look for you, then we definitely suggest going for some long, side swept bangs, as you can easily pin them back if you change your mind. Here are some fringe styles for you to try:

We just couldn't resist that Chace Crawford and his sexy bangs.

Fringe is your friend.

Jen & Saira


  1. Hah to Chace Crawford. I was wondering what he was doing there!

  2. I've been debating on cutting my bangs again (though I've been painfully growing them out for a year)! I'm getting antsy and your post might've just pushed me toward actually going through with it!

  3. Hi I just found you while I was looking for some pics from NY fashion week..Ilike your side, so I will be back to se more fashion inspiration../Marie

  4. I've been growing out my bangs too, but after working on this post I ended up getting a major bang trim! Although I think Cameron Diaz's bangs are awesome for someone who is trying to grow out the bangs in a stylish way.

    p.s. this is Saira.

  5. p.p.s. We love Nate "Man Bangs" Archibald.

  6. Really expression, color combination awesome..

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