Friday, February 4, 2011

February is For Lovers

Alright fellas, this post is for you. Valentine's Day is approaching and you may or may not be hard pressed for ideas. We have to hand it to you -- it must be hard thinking of something fun and interesting to do every single year, when expectations run so high. While what constitutes romance varies based on your relationship style, here are some solid ideas for you this Valentine's Day, most of which are experiences you can enjoy together:

We're not going to lie, we have Black Swan fever... so chances are your gal does too. An amazingly romantic Valentine's Day present would to check out a beautiful ballet performance. The New York City Ballet is currently performing Swan Lake, but our guess is that tickets will be limited at this point.  If you can find tickets though, and are willing to sit through the whole performance (which is beautiful), you will be man of the year!

Ice skating can be incredibly romantic, especially if you can find an outdoor venue. There's nothing sweeter than circling the rink, holding hands, while gazing adoringly at one another. It's also a pretty budget friendly activity. All you need is some hot chocolate to make it a perfectly romantic evening.

A weekend getaway to a bed and breakfast is a perfect way to spend your Valentine's Day, especially as it still falls on the end of a long weekend. Pick out a cute, picturesque town where you can engage in some fun, outdoor activities and cuddle up to a blazing fire every night.

On a similar note, take advantage of the long weekend and go away snowboarding. This is how we plan on spending our Valentine's weekend - hitting the slopes and spend
ing our nights cuddling in the lodge. We get that this is a much more expensive way to spent Valentine's Day, but we're guessing a splurge like this means no gifts involved? Maybe...

A timeless and incredibly sweet Valentine's Day tradition is to make a romantic meal at home. Whether you make it together, or surprise your date with a beautiful spread, this is a very intimate way to spend your evening. You avoid the frantic rush to get a reservation on the big night, and you can plan around your budget. And please don't forget a dessert... chocolate covered strawberries are delicious and easy!

A fun way to cook together is to take a cooking class together! Make it a one-night thing, or sign up for a few classes together, and taste the fruits of your labor! Also, when choosing a class, think of what would be fun for you to do together. A sushi making class would be perfect for sushi lovers, or you can stick to desserts only if you girl has a sweet tooth. Or, maybe you'd like a dance class or wine tasting..whatever you end up doing, this will surely be a Valentine's Day to remember.

Or, if you prefer to give a tangible gift then this one would be for your.  Of course, there's nothing wrong with the traditional Valentine's Day that involves dinner at a fancy restaurant, a bouquet of red roses, and a box of chocolates. But you can show your softer side by writing her an old fashioned love letter. For inspiration, check out the book featured in Sex and the City, which features letters written by Lord Byron, Napoleon, Shakespeare, and Tolstoy, to name a few. Nothing is more romantic than hearing your guy list all the ways he loves you on paper!

 Time to sweep her off her feet!


Jen & Saira

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