Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Color Day: Turquoise & Red

Different colors evoke different emotions and selecting the appropriate colors for your space or event are often difficult. There are cool tones, warm tones, & neutrals and you usually pair colors together according to their color families. It is typical for people to select like colors and play it safe... but the rare few that are daring enough to go for complimentary colors are the ones that are sure to make the biggest impact! We love those that are bold enough to go for color combos that are opposites on the color wheel, like these shades of blue and red! The pairing of cool turquoise and warm, bright red is a bold choice for the ultra modern home, wedding, or wardrobe.

Jen & Saira

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  1. Winter is knocking at the door. I like to wear short leather jacket .Which is very comfortable and stylish.