Thursday, May 20, 2010

Party Food Displays

We love throwing parties for all our friends, and usually have a ton of food involved. But now that we're growing up, a good party is more than just chips and guacamole (although we always have chips and guac!) A good party is all about presentation, which is why we decided to share some cute and functional ways to display your culinary genius. Hopefully, this post will inspire you to go out out, buy some cute serving dishes, and invite us over for a soiree!

When you're hosting a movie night or game night, the food is always in demand, but sometimes space can be tight. A Lazy Susan is always a good cure for this problem, as you can stash a variety of different food on a small place, allowing all your guests to have easy access. The thing about Lazy Susans is that they aren't the most attractive table setting, but this Lazy Susan made from an old wine barrel is simple and classy, and will surely compliment every spread.

Every party needs some delicious, homemade cupcakes! Show off your icing skills by displaying your cupcakes on this cute tiered cupcake rack by Crate and Barrel.

If you're like Saira, then deviled eggs are a staple for every Super Bowl party. But transporting the eggs can be a pain, which is why we love this deviled egg tray by Cordon Bleu, which is specifically designed to hold 24 deviled eggs. Slippery eggs are a thing of the past!

We've had our eye on this two-tiered tray by Liberty of London, and were heartbroken when we found it it was sold out! But never fear, it is currently available to order at Target, and will be ready to ship in about a week! 

To serve small snacks, such as nuts and pretzels, check out this dual goldfish serving dish. Fill it with your favorite candy, or put dip on one side and crackers in the other, for a fun and simple platter.

For a retro look, display your delicious cakes in this glass pedestal cake stand! The removable lid keeps your cakes fresh, and it can always double to serve pastries, pies, and fresh fruit! Available at Sur la Table.

Or, for a more modern look, try out this glass cake stand available at Fish's Eddy. It comes in a number of different sizes, and we love the art deco look it has going. This is not your grandmother's baking, that's for sure!

Happy serving!


Jen & Saira

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