Monday, April 18, 2011

Royal Wedding Fever

Late next week, Kate and William will be tying the knot. It's pretty much all we've been hearing about lately and we are so excited.  Now, we're a little upset that their nuptials will take place while we're at work and that President Obama did not declare this day as a national holiday, but I guess we'll be able to watch the highlights on the evening news. In anticipation of this event, we decided to share pictures of the most famous royal weddings... or at least what we consider the most famous royal weddings.  Enjoy your Monday, dolls.

Obviously, we must start with The Greatest Wedding Of Our Time (thus far), of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.  The infamous "fairytale" wedding was watched all around the world as the world fell in love with Lady Di. Princess Diana arrived in a glass coach escorted by her father. Her wedding dress was designed by Elizabeth Emanuel, a British designer who concocted the famous 25 foot train. While Prince Charles and Princess Diana's separated a little over 10 years later, their wedding still stands out as the most iconic and memorable in recent history.

Known more for scandal than anything else, Edward VIII's wedding to Wallis Simpson was a great scandal and without all the fanfare normally associated with royal weddings. Duke Edward renounced the title of King of England in order to marry the American divorcee. The Royal Family boycotted the wedding, and the couple married in France. While known as the Duchess of Windsor, the Royal Family refused to give her the title of "Her Royal Highness." The couple was briefly highlighted in "The King's Speech," but the life of Ms. Simpson will be featured in Madonna's movie, W.E. which does not have a formal release date.

One of the most beautiful women to ever live, Grace Kelly's wedding to Prince Rainier III of Monaco was a two-part affair. The royal couple had a small civil wedding, and the next day had a grand royal wedding that was then dubbed as "the wedding of the century." Princess Grace wore a wedding gown designed by Helen Rose, which was a gift from MGM studio. To this day, Princess Grace remains one of the most beautiful royal brides of all time.

No list of famous royal weddings is complete without adding King Abdullah II of Jordan's wedding to Queen Rania. The royal prince fell in love with the young Palestinian Apple executive, and after a whirlwind engagement, they were married just two months later. She wore a stunning short sleeved dress designed by Bruce Oldfield, and changed into a more sexy, sleeveless white dress with a plunging back for the reception, also designed by Bruce Oldfield. Queen Rania is now known as one of the most stylish monarchs in recent history, and also tops the list of the most powerful women i nthe world.

Interestingly enough, while Disney movies are all about love and marriage, they very rarely feature the actual wedding of the prince and princess. It took Jasmine and Aladdin two sequels to finally tie the knot, Beauty and the Beast don't really marry so much as dance happily, and all you see in the Little Mermaid is Ariel waving goodbye to her father. At the very most, you just get a scene of the bride and groom waving happily to the royal subjects. Despite all the wonderful details, we had to add Prince Charming and Cinderella to this list, as every little girl envisions looking like Cinderella on her big day.

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