Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March "Madness"

"Curiouser and curiouser!" - Alice

Our thoughts exactly, each time we see the preview for Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" that is currently in the theaters. Alice in Wonderland was always a childhood favorite of ours, and is now a popular theme for bridal showers, birthdays, and bachelorette bashes (think "Mad Hatter Tea Party"). So, in celebration of this film, here are some fun and beautiful items that, to us, represent all things "Alice":

Don't get stuck with nothing to open your "Drink Me" bottle! Check out this adorable and stylish bottle opener from Urban Outfitters.

Painting the roses...silver? Sure, why not! This great locket by BirdznBeez is one of our favorite finds! This necklace would be perfect as a gift or as a new piece to update your wardrobe with this modern, yet still sort of vintage, look.

Wrist warmers/ Fingerless Gloves appear on Alice in the new film. We love this pair from Heiditheartist. These gloves are for the girl who wants to appear sweet and innocent, but that also wants to show she has an edgy side. It's also great to be able to access your phone, lipgloss, or loose change while keeping your hands toasty warm!

Catch your reflection in this beautiful looking glass by etsy seller tartx. It has a wonderful Victorian look to it, and is as whimsical as this beloved story.

Lots of important dates? Never be late again with this ornate watch from Target. This stylish yet functional bracelet is currently out of stock, but hopefully they will get more in soon!

How sweet! We love this romantic card and it's cute little rabbits so much! Plus check out more designs by etsy seller sycamorestreetpress.

We are certainly losing our heads over this adorable t-shirt from cafepress.

We're mad for these handmade cards from Factorygirlashli that feature adorable, Alice insprired, images. These would be perfect cards to say thank you to your girlfriends! 

What would a tea party be without an adorable tea-pot to serve it in?! We absolutely love this "tea for one" set by From Japan: With Love. Unfortunately for us, it's currently sold out! But check out their store page in case they get more in!

Thanks for reading!

Jen & Saira


  1. the locket is sold out too...how about you guys stop teasing us with super cute, yet unattainable items?!? :)

  2. Well, good news is that watch is back In Stock at Target, so you can at least get that one! Or check out that sellers other lockets - some of them are very similar and equally as nice!

  3. that is a cool bottle opener!