Monday, March 22, 2010

Gossip Girl Style, Part 2 of 4: Vanessa Abrams

Vanessa Abrams started out as Dan's home-school, outsider friend, but has quickly risen to the ranks of the NYU elite. Her wild hair and beautiful blue eyes have made her a favorite among the men on the Upper East Side, but it's her fashion choices that make her such a vivid character. She is not afraid of taking fashion risks, opting for bold colors, interesting patterns, and, of course, lots of jewelry! Here are some looks that we could see the burgeoning filmmaker sporting:

Vanessa is not afraid of wearing colors, so this bold red dress by Urban Outfitters seems like a perfect fit for her. Plus it's made up of vintage, surplus, and deadstock material, which makes it eco-friendly and one-of-a-kind, just like Vanessa.

This dress, available at Nordstrom, is a little less structured than the first, but still equally as suitable for Vanessa.  V would love this fun, pretty dress that features some of her signature colors!  We can just picture her sporting this look with a baggy sweater, slouchy boots, and a large colored hobo bag!

This leafy tiered necklace exemplifies Vanessa's unique style and daring choice of accessories.  Available at Anthropologie, you can mimic Vanessa's bohemian look by pairing this with a flowy dress or a casual v-neck tee -- and Dan Humphrey will be all yours.

V not only loves bright colors, but also can't get enough of prints!  With the perfect combination of both, we can totally picture our Bohemian Brooklyn gal in this tank from Express.

Like we said before, Vanessa loves her accessories!  While maybe she never made it as far as to sit on The Met steps, we're sure she's ventured inside more than a few times to admire the art.  We wouldn't be surprised if she'd stop in the gift shop on the way out to pick up this bright and colorful Egyptian inspired piece.

Vanessa is definitely a thrifty shopper, and while she tends to value original, eco-friendly pieces, she is not one to shy away from a bargain. That is why this artsy sequin tunic from Forever 21 is a perfect choice for her. It's fun, vibrant, and costs less than $25! 

But V knows when to take a step back and opt for some neutrals. Perfect for mild weather, this loose, belted cardigan from Anthropologie reflects Vanessa's go-with-the-flow attitude. The artistic pattern and earth tone bring out the softer side of the daring Brooklyn the native, while still maintaining her unique sense of style.

And wearing neutrals makes it even easier to choose your statement pieces, such as this gorgeous pair of earrings from Neiman Marcus.  Though we're not likely to see V shopping at that store, we think she'd really make an exception for these Egyptian inspired, turquoise earrings by Milly.  We think,with their Bohemian look and funky pattern, they would be a fantastic addition to Vanessa's seemingly never ending jewelry box. 

Happy shopping!

Jen & Saira

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