Friday, March 19, 2010

Tips for the MOH: Garden party bridal shower

The Maid of Honor has a ton of responsibilities, including, of course, the bridal shower! If your bride is getting married in the spring, a popular theme for bridal showers is to throw a garden party! It's fun, pretty, and easy on the wallet. Plus after this long stretch of winter, relaxing outside in a garden sounds like a perfect way to spend the afternoon. Here are a few tips for the resourceful MOH:

Venue: The best part about having a garden party is throwing it in your very own backyard, or asking a friend or family member of the bride's to contribute. You will save big bucks on not having to rent a venue, plus the ambiance is already there! If you live in a city where space is tight, you could always reserve a space in the park, set up tables and chairs, and have your own intimate party. And of course, many hotels and restaurants have gardens that would be absolutely perfect, but pricey! 

Invites: Invitations can be very pricey, so be creative! Have an artistic friend create and print up invitations, check out your local party stores for pretty and affordable packages, or buy online! Here are some cute invites we found to help give you an idea:

What to serve: Finger foods and tea sandwiches are perfect for bridal showers. The best part is that these foods are made easily at home, and you have a lot of options! For those on a budget, veggie platters, fresh fruit, and cucumber sandwiches are a simple and classy option. Throw in some tea and lemonade, and you're set! For those looking for a more substantial meal, add in some appetizers such as stuffed mushrooms, pasta salad, and pastry puffs, and have homemade cobblers, pies, or petite fours for dessert! It will be tasty, intimate, and easy to serve. Here are some mouthwatering images to inspire your inner chef -- just click for recipes!

Decor: If you picked an outdoor location, most of your decorations are already taken care of! But to help keep the theme going, dress up tables with white or light colored table cloths, use napkins and silverware to add in a pop of color, and dress up all the tables with vases full of wild flowers. And whenever possible, try to incorporate the wedding colors as well as the bride's flower selections to help create a coherent look. Here are some examples of simple yet lovely garden party decor:

Favors: A great way to save money is to make your table settings your party favors. Decorate tables with vases full of flowers and candles, which can double as party favors for all your guests. Of course you can always get additional favors, such as scented soaps, candies, and little trinkets in addition to the decor (look for a post on shower favors in the coming weeks!) but this is a nice way to save money and keep things simple.

In the end, throwing a bridal shower can be confusing, overwhelming, expensive, and daunting. But with a little bit of creativity, and some penny pinching, you can throw a beautiful bridal shower that reflects your bride's personality and that she is sure to treasure forever! That's all for now dolls, have a great weekend!

Jen & Saira

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