Monday, March 8, 2010

Welcome to Paper Doll Romance!

Hello, everyone! This is our first post and we are so excited to enter the blogging universe (albeit 5+ years behind the rest of the world... but who's counting!) We created Paper Doll Romance to share with you the many things that we, as two 20-something bff's, find to be original, fun, and beautiful. 

Growing up, we both remember paper dolls to be one of those fun arts & crafts projects that let you express your creativity and imagination. So, if you have a passion for romantic, unique, and interesting things, ranging from wedding related inspirations and stories to just general girly things for every day life, then this is certainly the blog for you! With that, we happily welcome you to Paper Doll Romance! Be sure to check back later today for our very first post about Clutch Purses. 

Thanks for reading!


Jen & Saira

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