Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear John: Check out my cute stationery!

One of our lovely readers, Ms. Hillary Blum, is mad for stationery! With the advent of email, letter writing has become a thing of the past. But when you have a cute stationery set, you can't help but want to send love letters or find a pen pal. Here are some pretty stationery sets for you to enjoy:

If you're a cat lover, then this stationary set by Ginko is definitely for you. With a lovely cherry blossom pattern etched in gold and a cute kitty cat sitting playfully on the envelope, you are sure to ditch email and go for the snail mail. 

This cute, handmade notepad by Etsy seller sweetlifepaper is perfect for jotting down notes or writing letters. Plus you can have it personalized with your name on it to give it an extra special feel.

This stationery set from Target is clean and simple, and is made from recycled paper! The writing surface is completely blank, with a bright lime green lining. The envelopes provide a nice pop of color, and will help your correspondence stand out from all the rest.

This set from Etsy seller robayre is also made of recycled paper. The actual stationery is very simple, lined paper,  but the highlight of this set are the unique, hand selected envelopes. Each buyer will receive a variety of envelopes made from vintage illustrations and clipart as well as modern art posters.

Notecards also fall under the category of stationary and we love these handmade notecards by Michelle Brusegaard!  The colors are beautiful and the peacock design is so unique and fun you'll be making up excuses to send these out to your friends! Check out her etsy shop for these or or some of her other great designs, like the "Mum Motif".

Or check out this assorted pack of screen printed cards by Eliza Jane Curtis!  We love all the eclectic colors and patterns that have been inspired by the designer's love for the city of Buenos Aires and all its' art deco splendor.  These cards are truly one of a kind!

We think paper lanterns are so romantic and ethereal, so we really like this letter writing set by Lantern Studios.  You get two whimsical designs to choose from with coordinating envelopes too, and you know we love the super girly colors!

This stationary set by DesignofArtisan is semi-formal, elegant, and romantic. The geometric shapes and patterns give this stationary a sort of 1930's feel that we think perfectly complements the subtle colors and whimsical chandelier graphic.

Jen & Saira

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  1. Hahaha thanks for the shout out! :) Love all this stationary - especially the Eliza cards. So cute!