Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bold Accessories - Cuff Bracelets

Accessories can make or break an outfit.  It's not easy to make a subtle statement without going overboard, but we think one of the safest ways to add a little flare to your ensemble is with a bold bracelet!  Often in the working world, we find ourselves limited to how much personality we can express without the risk of being seen as (gasp!) unprofessional.  A funky bracelet is a great way to express your edge and let others (i.e. your boss) know that you polished, put together, and are willing to take risks.

This bird's nest cuff by Banana Republic is a must have. The overlapping layers create a beautiful geometric design, and the muted gold tone softens the look, creating a perfect balance of structure and romance.

If you want to sparkle, but aren't feeling the gold, then try this handmade sterling silver cuff by etsy seller cgwhitfield. It's simple, modern, and just stunning. 

Or, for a more finished look, check out one of Jen's favorite designers, Anna Beck. We love her beautifully simple, Indian/Middle Eastern inspired designs. We chose this bracelet in particular because of the edgy, studded pattern, but all of her pieces are equally beautiful and intriguing... and they better be, because one of these babies will run you at least $200!

This geometric hinge bracelet is so urban chic -- just like its lovely designer, Diane Warner!  Available in gun metal and gold, this unique piece is Saira's favorite. And with it's bold pattern and industrial frame, you can just picture Dominique Francon rocking this look... if she weren't a fictional character, that is.

Looking for something more casual? This leather cuff by Free People would look great with jeans and a white tank or a sexy black slip dress. It's definitely something you could wear every day and still be styling.

Happy accessorizing! 

Jen & Saira

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