Friday, April 16, 2010

Save the Dates!

Save the Date cards are traditionally sent out a few months before the wedding to notify guests about their wedding day. They tend to be more informal as compared to wedding invitations, and are a great way for couples to express their unique style. Ranging from pretty and sweet to funny and kooky, here are some of our favorite one-of-a-kind ideas for Save the Dates:

Buttons are a fun and cost effective way to spread the word about your upcoming wedding! Zazzle allows you to design your own buttons by uploading your own images and choosing the pin shape and size. Or you can always invest in a button maker, and create buttons for every special occasion! 

A popular Save the Date is to take photo booth pictures! The best part is that you don't necessarily have to go to a professional to do this -- just run over to the boardwalk and bring lots of quarters, or get creative with a digital camera and photoshop! You can then have the photos printed on magnets, or just make copies and create a makeshift frame out of cardstock.

Magnetic Save the Dates are very popular, as the fridge is often the unofficial message board in most homes. But to make your Save the Dates stand out, you can go for something more creative like this lego Save the Date. This is definitely a more detailed undertaking, where you need to design and search for your own prototypes. However the end result is pretty spectacular, as you get something very fun, unique, and personalized.

For music lovers, these faux concert posters and tickets make a great Save the Date notification! All you need is a printer and some cardstock, and you're set for a unique way to show your guests that your wedding is THE event of the year. 

Of course you can always send out Save the Date notecards, but personalize it by reflecting your personality! We love this mock Spiderman comic book Save the Date, which reflects the bride and grooms' love of comic books -- and each other! 

A super cute (and functional) way to announce your upcoming wedding is through Save the Date bookmarks. You can make them as detailed or simple as you like, and your guests will use them years after your actual wedding date. Of course, this process is a little more involved than the other "ready to order" options, but if you are creative and are willing to give it a go, then this is a great option. 

Happy planning!

Jen & Saira

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