Monday, April 19, 2010

Bold Accessories: The Bib Necklace

The "Bib" or "Statement" necklace has been very big this season.  This is not the easiest trend to pull off and  some choices are a bit over the top for just general, everyday wear. A bib necklace is a large necklace that is most easily wearable with a plain t-shirt or dress.  These necklaces are typically either brightly colored, heavily beaded, and/or made with interesting textures! If you would like to take advantage of this fun trend while it's still popular, here are some relatively safe choices for bib necklaces for a variety of occasions.

This piece, available at The Limited, would be a beautiful one to add to your work ensemble.  For Spring, we'd like to see this paired with a pretty pale pink colored top, some khaki pants or a cute pencil skirt, and some strappy sandals!

This necklace is by Brooklyn Rehab, who's pieces we think are seriously fabulous!  This is one of our favorite finds when it comes to the bib necklace!  It may look plain, but the texture and nautical inspired look make it very intriguing. This necklace is extremely unique and the neutral, natural color makes it wearable with just about any sundress, t-shirt, or other casual wear. (P.S. We're gearing up for summer, so if you like nautical inspired items, check back in the upcoming weeks for our upcoming nautical themed post!)

We love anything from Anthropologie, and particularly this simple, muted, 2.5" blue beaded bib necklace.  This necklace is super chic, has a lovely vintage flair to it, and has just enough sparkle to make it perfect for work or a fancy occasion, but still easily wearable for a casual day out.

Our friend Jen, over at LandAndLaboratory, designs fun and completely one of a kind pieces from buttons of assorted colors and sizes.  These necklaces certainly make a fashion statement and look super cute with a coordinating top and jeans.  Choose one of her great color combos or request a custom order to create your very own color scheme to suit your style and wardrobe.

  This Lucky Brand Bib Necklace and its bright colors is absolutely gorgeous!  We think this necklace is just perfect for a summer day and would look absolutely stunning with just a simple white tank or cotton dress, or wear this to jazz up your summer work attire!

This lilac, plum, and white necklace is by Etsy's MissBettyLou.  We love the color purple for this season and think this soft floral peice would look so cute with a pretty sundress or gray top and jeans.  This necklace would be sure to make an that says you are a bold, beautiful, and fun loving girly girl, which is our very favorite kind.

Happy accessorizing!

Jen & Saira

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