Friday, April 23, 2010

"Green" Weddings

We know your wedding day is important... that all your life you've dreamed of the huge, beaded, taffeta dress, orchids, ornate invitations, caviar, and the works.  But, did you ever stop to think about where all the stuff goes afterwards?  Usually, it's the trash can, or closet, if you're lucky.

The typical wedding produces an obscene amount of waste and is usually not very eco-friendly.  To put it into perspective, let's consider paper products! You've got the save the dates, then the invitations to all the different events like the showers, parties, rehearsal dinner, etc., then the thank you cards for those events, then the actual invitations and all their parts and, of course, you can't forget the envelopes for all of these things -- sounds a little excessive, right?  And that doesn't even include the programs, menus, tables cards, etc!  And let's not even talk about flowers!  

Okay, okay, so now you're probably thinking having an eco-friendly wedding is impossible since, obviously, silk flowers are tacky, email/facebook/twitter invites are inappropriate, and your guests do actually need to eat.  But, never fear, this post is meant to inspire you to have your dream wedding, and still be green!  Take a look at some green elements you can include in your wedding...even the smallest step is a step in the right direction.

Before we even talk wedding, we should talk engagement.  Get off to the right start with this engagement ring that is made using Canadian, conflict-free diamonds and recycled/reclaimed gold and platinum.  This "Amelia" ring is from the Earthwise collection by Leber Jewelers.

These Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint!  Bella Figura produces seriously gorgeous invitations on 100% Cotton Paper so no trees are harmed in the making.  In addition to that, their shop is wind powered, they are a carbon neutral company, and they donate a percentage of their proceeds to environmental charities.

This  "green" wedding gown is absolutely stunning and is made using using natural, sustainable, and "peaceful" materials.  Puridee designs fabulous gowns made with "Ahimsa" and "Tussah" silk, which is either collected in the wild or made in an organic environment that allows the silkworm to go through a natural life cycle and emerge as a moth.  Be extra green by donating your dress to a wonderful charity so that it may bring someone else the happiness it brought you!

Our favorite pick for an eco-friendly wedding favor is this adorable, biodegradable seed pot by favorcreative.  Not only can your guests enjoy this over and over as they grow their herbs, but the boxes are made of recycled material and all you have to do to have them double as table cards is add a little seed paper tag.  Or, write directly on the box if you really want to save on paper.

When it comes to wedding flowers, the trick is to think local, in-season, and double duty! We suggest checking out your local Whole Foods if you're looking for a cost effective, eco-friendly option. Their abundant floral department will surprise you and you're sure to rest easy knowing you are supporting local farmers!  As for double duty, get the best bang for your buck and waste less by re-using your ceremony decorations as part of your reception decor.  And, for the ultra green centerpiece, recycle old mason jars, scour flea markets for unique containers, or re purpose some used tea tins as vases -- the options are endless and they are sure to strike up conversation amongst your guests.

And, what would a wedding be without dessert!?  Now, we are not vegans..not even close.. but considering the impact that the dairy and factory farming industry has on the earth, you could be eco-friendly by choosing to go vegan for your wedding cake, your guests will never know the difference!  Here is a picture of one of the fantastic looking vegan cupcakes by KTsKitchen.  Though she is based out of Ohio, we're sure that if you look around you'll be able to find someone selling vegan baked goods in your area

Love the earth!

Jen & Saira

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