Monday, April 5, 2010

Gossip Girl Style, Part 4 of 4: Blair Waldorf

All hail Queen B! We decided to save the best for last to complete our Gossip Girl style look book. Blair's look is classic and sexy, with plenty of ruffles, frills, and bows. She is always dressed to impress, and we admire how she can take conservative collars and Victorian styles look so intriguing. Here are some looks that we think reflect the epitome of Upper East Side royalty, Blair Waldorf.

Blair Waldorf knows how to wear a little black dress. This chic pencil dress from Karen Millen is a knockout with its embellished neckline, jeweled sleeves, and cinched waist. Add an oversized pair of sunglasses, and you're ready to plot, scheme, and bring down anyone who dares to take your throne.

Everyone on Gossip Girl always has the cutest little coats to go with every outfit, and Blair is no exception. This short and classy coat available at Anthropologie has a classy, Victorian look that is just made for royalty, a la Queen B. 

But you can't be Queen without your headband of power! Even though Queen B has relinquished her throne, the headband is still a Waldorf staple. This satin, oversized bow by Tasha is a symbol of royalty in the Upper East Side (and in this case, is also the color of royalty!) Just be careful, looking this good you might get you a nairtini in the face.

 Plaid skirts aren't just for schoolgirls. This skirt from ModCloth is a chic, grown up version of the Gossip Girl staple, plus it has Blair's signature bow! With a well-fitted v-neck or button down, you are sure to rule the school (or office).

Spotted: B eyeing up this ultra femme lace and pearl bib necklace by AllThingsTinsel.  It's called "I'm the Queen" fitting!  This seller also has a great bow necklace and other items that our girl Blair would go Gaga over!

We can't help but envy how polished Blair looks all the time. Even when she's just lounging in her room reading Vogue, she is so put together. This two-piece dress by BCBG is exactly what we are talking about -- very sophisticated, classy, and sexy, just like our Queen B.

 And of course Manhattan socialite would not be complete without the perfect pair of preppy pumps by Gabriella Rocha.  Strap these babies on and you're set to stomp on the dreams of young Manhattan socialites everywhere. 

Jen & Saira

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