Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Showers call for Rain Boots!

Happy April, dolls!  Us NY/NJ folks are used to rainy days and typically the month of April is pretty unforgiving.  Although not the most stylish footwear out there, rain boots are certainly practical and sometimes necessary for the woman on the go.  Will they look silly?  Probably... but we've found a few styles that we think are easily wearable and even, if we dare to say it, cute!  Plus, you can guarantee that your feet and your shoes will stay warm and dry until you get to wherever it is you are going, be it work, school, or just running errands around town.  Take a look at some of the ones we think will have you singing in the rain in no time at all:

These boots, available at Delia's, are simple and are pretty cute as far as rain boots go (we love the polka dots!) Gone are the days of getting to class with your socks wet and your jeans soaked!  Just slip your feet into these cute boots and you're feet will stay dry all day long!

Looking for a pair that is still fun but slightly more sophisticated?  Be impermeable to puddles with this colorful, equestrian style boot by Chooka!  We like this boot because it has a longer, more sleek and adult look to it, but is still fun with its youthful bright colors and pattern.  Tuck in your skinny jeans or leggings and you'll be ready to brave any storm!

Chooka seems to be the front runner for the more stylish rain boots, so here is another one that we think is extremely wearable.  This one is the most work friendly so far.  It is has a nice shape, adjustable straps, and the herringbone print which is slightly more professional looking.  Wear these to work while keeping your flats or heels safely tucked away in your purse so you can change when you get to the office!

Of course, you can also opt for the traditional Hunter Wellington boots, which are definitely not just for British fisherman. They come in a variety of colors, but we prefer the classic olive green, navy blue, or black. They're durable and comfortable, and your feet will definitely stay dry. Plus Kate Moss wears them, so that means they must be chic.

Ok, so we know these are kind of weird looking...but, the concept is completely awesome!  We've all had this happen: You get to work or class and it's bright and sunny and you're wearing your cute new peep toe pumps.  Then, you're getting ready to leave when you notice it is completely pouring outside and you've got no choice but to trek it down to the subway station in the rain, completely ruining your shoes and drenching your feet in the disgusting water!  The Shuella is the solution to this problem.  They are rain boots that simply fold up to be carried around in your purse and then, when you need them, they quickly unfold and slip right over your heels (or flats or sandals!) for instant protection.  Completely genius, in our opinion.  Now, if they would just come out with some cute patterns...

Stay dry!

Jen & Saira

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