Monday, June 28, 2010

Twilight Character Inspiration: Bella Swan

It's Monday, dolls!  And that means Friday, and the release of the newest Twilight movie, is so close we can almost smell that sweet sweet breath of Edward Cullen.  Eclipse (Book 3 of the Twilight Saga), will be coming out the end of this week and, though we may be embarrassed to admit it,  it's really got our blood pumping.  To control our excitement, we created a Twilight inspired character inspiration for this week. Isabella Swan is easily one of the most popular characters out there among tweens, teens, and women everywhere, thanks to the world-wide fame of the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. We are incredibly huge fans of Stephenie and the Twilight series, and have decided to share with you some of the current items out there that we are sure Bella would die for.

Forks, Washington is certainly not known for sunny days or sweltering heat, so a hoodie is a great way to keep cozy, when your wearwolf space heater isn't around. We like these from American Apparel because they are soft, warm, and come in a variety of colors.  Can't choose just one? No problem -- go for the two-pack!

Snuggling up to Edward Cullen would give any girl the chills, so Bella would need a variety of sweaters to get her through the week. Plus, hoods are essential on rainy days! In searching websites for inspiration, we actually happened to come across the exact sweater she wears without even realizing it!  Here is the green hooded sweater that she is seen wearing in New Moon, available at PacSun.  

No tomboy would be complete without a flannel/plaid shirt!  This is perfect for fixing up motorcycles or just hanging around La Push with your pals.

Clumsy Bella always opts for a great pair of jeans!  All that motorcycle riding, tree hopping, and rainy weather is sure to take a toll on your wardrobe, so investing in a well made, versatile pair is essential.  We suggest a classic pair of Levi's, like these boot cut ones.  Plus, these jeans are actually called "Bella"!  Coincidence?  Perhaps.  Either that or they read our minds... but that would just be crazy... right?

Of course, you'll also need a nice parka to keep you warm.  If you want the exact Bella coat, you'll be looking for the blue BB Dakota one.  But, if you don't like the idea of carbon copying, we suggest going for a Bella inspired jacket, like this one from Urban Outfitters.  

Coverse All Stars, like these, are perfect for moody, awkward Bella.  Bella's wardrobe is always casual and understated,  so a simple shoe that goes with everything is important. Chuck Taylors are the best shoe for an offbeat, low maintence girl like Bella.

Bella also wears a Turquoise Cuff such as the one pictured above.  Jewelry, like her wardrobe, should be simple, understated, and nothing that would draw too much attention because that would be sure to make Bella uncomfortable.  This turquoise cuff is delicate and beautiful, but casual enough for every day wear.

We're ready to be dazzled!

Jen & Saira


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