Friday, June 18, 2010

Showers of Stationary

Today's post is brought to you by our good friend and self proclaimed stationary snob, Hillary.  Hillary, a PR professional from Cranford, NJ,  is the first of the fabulous guest bloggers we have lined up for you this summer and we can't thank her enough for being kind enough to write for us and help us out.  So, without further ado, here's Hillary's first post, "Showers of Stationary".

With summer comes weekends of sunshine, shorts and swimsuits but don’t forget what other season it is – the season of bridal and baby showers! As you look up gift registries and head to Babies ‘R’ Us, don’t overlook one important aspect of your shower gift – the card of course! Here is a handful of classy cards, and notes of where to find them, you might consider accompanying your gifts this season:

These bridal and baby greeting cards by Snow and Graham can be picked up from NJ and NY gift shops including one of my favorites – Perch Home in Maplewood, NJ. If you don’t live near Essex County, NJ take a look at where other Snow and Graham cards are sold in your area here.

This Welcome Baby card by Eggpress is not over the top with ducks and diapers as most baby stationary is! The modern colors and bold print are great!  You can find Eggpress stationary at various shops in your area.

This Wiley Valentine card will shower any bride-to-be with the happy thoughts you send her way. Find this card and others in your area by checking out their website!  

Looking for something a little more magnifique?  This French-inspired new baby card from Smock, the first US Letterpress shop to print on Bamboo paper, is tres bien!

And, finally,this sweet pea letterpress card by Papyrus is both simple and subtle.  Find this card and many of the company’s other glittery, colorful cards at their stores throughout the tri-state area as well as at Target or Borders near you.

Thanks to Hillary for contributing to Paper Doll Romance with this great stationary post!  Leave comments to make her feel loved and be sure to check back for more posts from Hillary in July and August!

Jen & Saira 

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