Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Color Day: Black, White, and Red

The newest Twilight movie comes out TODAY and we wouldn't be prepared for "Eclipse" without a vampire inspired color day! The covers of the Stephenie Meyer Twilight books all sport the same theme, black with bold white and red graphics.  Black and white can represent opposites, Jacob Vs. Edward or Good vs. Evil for example, and red is the color of love, anger, and, of course, blood.  Now, it's easy to incorporate these shades without going totally Dita Von Teese or having your friends and family thinking you've suddenly gone "goth". These are classic colors and nothing can ever compare to the elegance of simple black and white, think 007, tuxedos, pearls, little black dresses. Choosing red as your accent ensures your space, event, etc. has just the right amount of passion and drama.

Black, White, and Red "Eclipse" Color Inspiration Board

Jen & Saira

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