Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Color Day: Magenta/Fuchsia and Navy

Nautical, masculine navy meets frilly, feminine magenta in this hot color combination for summer. Inspired by nature's fruits, raspberries and blueberries, this palette is sweet and delightful.  We love the way these colors blend and how the elegance of the navy is perfectly offset by the playful magenta for an absolutely harmonious balance.  Be sure to accent this mixed berry combo with a cool metallic silver, and if you are going for a combination like this one, basic white should act as your blank canvas to make these two colors really pop!


Jen & Saira 


  1. I want to order the Pink and Navy shoes but I cant seem to get them...What do I do??

    1. Hi there! Those shoes were Kate Spade's "Hera" heel in Fuchsia and Navy but unfortunately they are now sold out and unavailable. We did a little searching but couldn't seem to find any that are similar in color. Kate Spade has other colors that are similar in style to these, but not in the navy/fuchsia combo. Maybe you could try a solid navy or fuchsia shoe with a shoe clip in the alternate color. Like these:

      Best of luck in your search!