Friday, September 10, 2010

Travel Essentials

We've both been bitten by the travel bug: Saira just returned from a trip to Russia and Jen and her hubby will be traveling to China and Japan in just a few short weeks. Accordingly, we thought a post about travel must-haves is in order. Traveling, while great fun, can be exhausting and uncomfortable, so here are some tips to stay fresh and relaxed while traveling overseas:

Whenever you see pictures of celebrities traveling, their hair always look fresh and perfect, with no sign of greasy overnight traveling (except for Kristen Stewart, but let's not go there). If you don't have the luxury of a personal hair stylist flying with you, then try using some dry shampoo, such as this travel sized bottle available at Sephora. Just sprinkle some powder into your hands, massage into your scalp, and you get instant hair therapy! It removes oil and buildup, and helps give your hair some much needed volume. Plus it smells great! 

When traveling on airplanes, layers are essential. Temperatures vary on airplanes from warm and stuffy to downright frigid, not to mention the fact that you may be traveling from one extreme climate zone to another. As a result, it's best to dress in a manner that allows you to be prepared for whatever temperature. Comfy cardigans are a wardrobe staple for us, and you should definitely bring a few when traveling as it's both practical and fashionable. Our suggestion is this ultra soft tri-blend cardie from American Apparel, which comes in a number of different colors and is durable and super comfy. 

Traveling can really kill your feet, so don't leave home without your sensible shoes. Let us preface this by saying we're not really the type to forego fashion and focus only on function (case in point -- we absolutely detest Crocs). However, there are other options:  for cold weather, nothing can beat a cozy pair of Uggs.  But in the summertime or tropical vacay you'll need something more breathable. Worishofer has been producing lines of sandals for years that are just as comfortable as Crocs, and are super cute! They come in a number of different styles and colors, and aren't too pricey. Fondly dubbed the "bunion shoes," these platform cork sandals have a contoured insole which provides maximum foot support, and the open sandal allows the foot to breathe. While we personally can't vouch for these, we've read rave reviews, and if the shoe fits...

Keeping our focus on the feet, how about some foot deodorant? We know, we know... this sounds ridiculous, but it's actually a really great idea! Yves Rocher makes this amazing foot cream that keeps your feet dry and smelling fresh all day. While the spray form is no longer available (we were big fans of that when traveling in Paris a few summers ago), the cream should do the trick as well. It's amazing what a big different fresh feet can make! 

Let's be clear: tights are NOT pants. Leggings, on the other hand, can be worn as pants so long as there's no unsightly camel toe action going on. Air travel is uncomfortable enough, and trying to squeeze in a nap in a tiny space can be incredibly difficult. That's why we think wearing leggings while traveling is the best solution. Leggings are flexible, expand with your waistline, and allow you to contort your body while you struggle to find the perfect sleep position. Plus they are very easy to clean, which is clutch if you're traveling for an extended period of time and don't have access to laundry service. 

Airplane bathrooms skeeve us out, so if you don't want to do your beauty regiment in a 2-by-2 box, then we recommend some freshening face towelettes by Yes to Cucumber. These face towels are perfect because they allow you to remove your make-up and travel grime without the use of water. It's also useful if you're traveling in countries where the plumbing isn't the best, as you can avoid break outs and water related illnesses.

This one seems kind of boring, but imagine flying to a foreign country and trying to plug in your phone/computer/HAIR DRYER!  It's like fitting a square peg in a round hole, so you'll need something to convert your outlet and your power so that your electronics can actually be used.  We learned this one the hard way a few summers ago and ended up paying way too much money for a much less awesome version than this one.  Best bet it to shop around for deals and order one before you go!

A large tote bag, like this one by Dakine, can be your best friend while traveling.  Airplane luggage requirements are so strict these days and you never know when a large tote might be necessary. We say, if you're allowed a personal item, you might as well make it a multi-functioning one. This one can serve as a purse, laptop bag, and as extra storage for all those precious souvenirs you'll pick up along the way.

Bon voyage!


Jen & Saira

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