Monday, September 20, 2010

New York Fashion Week: Spring/Summer 2011 Collections - The Final Installation

The lights have been taken down, platforms and runways disassembled, and confetti cleared as the Mercedes-Benz fashion week in NYC has come to a close.  Although the Fall weather is upon us, we'll anxiously await the warm weather while we sit comfortable in our leggings and oversized sweaters.  Though there are many months to come before we can wear those cute little sheath dresses, it's always nice to get a sneak peak at what's in store for us next season.  So, before we all go into hibernation, let's get on with it and show you the remainder of some of the most wearable pieces that we are most excited about for the Spring.
Ann Sui's collection reminds us on the great plains and we just love the patterns, and embroidery. The colors, fabrics, and details had a very western, pioneer feel to them and the pieces, while inspired by the folksy hippie styles of the 1970's, looked modern and romantic.

Soft chiffon and sweet eyelet fabrics made Bebe's collection ultra feminine and light.  Again following the 1970's trends seen all over the runways this season, Bebe paired their garments with fold over booties and ultra sexy platform sandals for a modern flair.

Calvin Klein
Minimalist at it's best, that is what we could say about the Calvin Klein show.  Although most of the pieces were black and white, and some of the garments looked a little shapeless, there were certainly pieces that payed homage to Klein's way of looking effortlessly chic and polished.

Isaac Mizrahi
Isaac Mizrahi became known to us for his designs sold in Target stores and ever since then he's been a favorite.  Although we weren't really digging the shear shoulders with the stiff white collars, these pieces are beautiful and elegant, perfect for any spring special event!

How on earth did we leave out Marc Jacobs?!?  Always fans of just about anything Marc Jacobs, his collection for Spring/Summer 2011 did not disappoint!  The styles were great and the color palette was bright and refreshing with brilliant shades of red-orange, yellow, and blue.

Spring was in the air at the Michael Kors show, with gorgeous shades of green, beige, and tan. But, not only were the colors earth inspired, so were the fabrics!   Using eco friendly fabrics, Michael Kors put together a collection that was casual and relaxing, while still looking polished and luxurious.

Who says our wardrobe can't have a little eccentric flair?  We think the collection by Milly is professional but still very sexy and playful and definitely ready-to-wear!  We love the pencil skirts, dresses, bold but tasteful graphics, and daring color contrasts!

Vibrant tangerine and lush raspberry stood out the Nanette Lepore runway. Overall, this collection was so lovable and versatile, with pieces that could easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and vintage style swimsuits  that you'll be sure we'll have our eyes on once they hit the stores!

Oscar de la Renta
Classy, upscale, and sophisticated can describe the Spring/Summer 2011 Collection presented by fashion great Oscar de la Renta. First-lady-worthy fashions like tailored suits, fitted dresses, and fantastic cardigans were some or our favorites, and then of course, there were the gowns, like the white one shown above, that just blew us away!

The best way we could think to sum up the Ralph Lauren Collection is: Wild Wild West meets The Great Gatsby meets The Hills.  Western fringe, leather, and belt buckles were paired up with lacey, embroidered tops and dresses, and then topped off with a metallic platform heel or handbag to create a truly modern looks.

Definitely one of our favorites of the week, Tory Burch's Spring/Summer collection felt truly youthful and "springy".  Cardigans, cropped pants, skirts, & light jackets, all in beautifully bright spring colors, lined the runway and were a nice break from the usual sea of whites, pale pinks, and neutrals.  We'd be thrilled for these items to walk right off the runway and into our closets.

Jen & Saira


  1. I really like what Isaac Mizrahi is doing with the nude colors and the sheer fabrics. I wanted something like that for a more formal event and found this dress:

    I think it's great! =)

  2. Thanks for commenting and also sharing that lovely dress - lace is such a wonderful thing!! We actually LOVE the sheers and nudes this season and that was a big "oops" on our part because that sentence was supposed to say "white collars" but neither of us caught it! Those white collars were just a little too much for us but the rest of his spring collection was really lovely. Anyway, thanks again! We love feedback and you even helped us recognize a typo!!

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