Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Color Day Themes: Teacher's Pet (Red Delicious Apple)

Happy September, dolls!  Today's board is inspired by school tradition and the infamous "teacher's pet".  Being teacher's pet isn't easy; there's studying, class participation, and of course the time-honored tradition of presenting your teacher with "thoughtful gifts".  And, when it comes to gifts, there is nothing more traditional and formally ingrained in our minds than a ripe, red, perfectly polished apple. "Back to School" can remind you of a lot of things like paper bag book covers, pencil shavings, and plaid, but when you think of school and teachers and Fall and put it all together, you get a big juicy apple.  Luckily, here in New Jersey, we have an abundance of orchards! So, in September and October we can all flock to our nearest farm and pick our apples, which may be used to help get us to the head of the class, or better yet in pies, as place card holders, & as centerpieces. However you choose to use this fall favorite, incorporating apples into your Fall decor is a surefire way to get an A+ from us!

Red Apple Color Inspiration Board

Jen & Saira

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