Monday, March 28, 2011

Saira's BHLDN Dream Wedding

Now that you saw Jen's "dream wedding", it's time for Saira to share. While we both have similar styles, Jen's look is a bit more soft and romantic, while Saira's can be more casual or hip. The wonderful thing about BHLDN is that it encompasses both our styles, and everything in between, to create unique bridal fashion that everyone can enjoy.

The Dress:
Traditional wedding gowns are gorgeous, but not for everyone. If you're a hippie chick or love the vintage look, then this burnished organza gown is perfect for you. It has a bronze sequined bodice which adds some personality and color to the dress, without being overwhelming or gaudy. The five tiers of silk create a wonderful silhouette, perfect for gracefully swishing down the aisle.

The Jewelry:
Because the neckline of the organza gown is so embellished, we suggest wearing a bracelet rather than a necklace or earrings, in order to avoid too much clutter in the neck region. We think these simple moonstone bangles are a perfect compliment, dressing up your bare arms with just a touch of gold.

The Shoes:

 These peep toe sandals would work for both the brides and bridesmaids (below), adding some color to both ensembles.

The Accessory:
If you can't tell already, a pea / lime green is Saira's accent color of choice.  It would look great with the bridesmaid dresses (below) and tie the whole look together.

The Bridesmaids:
If the bride is dressed simply, then so should the bridesmaids. This short and sweet pleated dress is wonderfully simple, but chic! It is in the same cream colored family as the organza gown, with a pea green sash to add some color. The chiffon neckline gives it a vintage feel, making the bridesmaid the prim little sister to the free spirited bride.

Happy wedding, dolls!


Jen & Saira

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