Friday, March 18, 2011

Glee Character Inspiration: Emma Pillsbury

Stylish Emma Pillsbury, McKinley High's germaphobic guidance counselor, rounds out our Glee character inspiration series.  Easily the most polished dresser, she flawlessly coordinates colors, patterns, and styles that keep her looking fresh, bright, and cheerful.  A perfect blend of modern and vintage, Miss Pillsbury has a style perfectly suited to mimic her upbeat and quirky personality. 

Miss P may be afraid of germs, but she is certainly not afraid of color and prints.  Emma would shine in this teal and chartreuse Anthropologie frock with its fun polka dot print, pleats, and button details.  Pair it with your chartreuse cardigan for a totally coordinated look.

We are pretty sure Emma has every color cardigan imaginable but the allure of her style isn't just color, it's also the details!  What we love most about her tops is the fact that many of them have special embellishments on them that add a bit of vintage charm or romantic flair.  The above cardigan, with it's big romantic bow, would be welcome additions to what we imagine to be Emma's obsessive compulsive-ly organized closet.

A crisp white pussy bow front top is quite possibly the most important piece of clothing that you will need to add to your wardrobe if you want to dress like Miss Pillsbury.  Emma is seen over and over in tops like this (in all different colors and prints) that button all the way up and tie into a feminine bow.  This top is the perfect basic to go with your pencil skirt and matching cardigan!

What better to pair with your boy tie blouse than this sweet pencil skirt?  Not only is the color bright and bold but those bows are just too adorable!

   Emma has a wonderful, vintage style full of bright colors and bold prints. This sky blue and red cardigan is straight out of the 70s, and would look great with Emma's fiery red hair. As she's all about color coordinating, we can see her pairing this with a red pencil skirt and some sky blue jewelry.

Emma would also match her shoes to her colorful sweaters!  We particularly think she would love these red patent leather mary jane style pumps to with the above cardigan and some vintage blue baubles.  They are feminine and dainty and feature an adorable vintage inspired button detail on the side - simply charming!

 Emma looks delicious in peach, which is why she often wears it. This slim fit, trim cardigan from Forever 21 is straight out of Emma's closet, and would look great with a collared blouse peaking out underneath. We also recommend wearing this with a red or coral lip color... no dark purple (sorry random Forever 21 model!)

 Emma looks lovely head from toe, literally. She has flawless taste in footwear, and coordinates her outfit perfectly. This two-toned, low heel by Franco Sarto is perfectly Pillsbury, with the vintage style and dainty bow. She'll be stomping over Mr. Schue's heart with great style.

"A nooner is when you sneak out for desert in the middle of the day... right?" Oh, Emma!

Jen & Saira

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  1. I love that she posted photos of dessert up when they performed! Great post ladies!