Friday, August 13, 2010

Wedding Planning: Desserts

And finally, a party wouldn't be complete without some sweet treats to enjoy.  As far as weddings go, many view the wedding cake as being the pièce de résistance, and we don't disagree -- cake is delicious. However many brides are opting for desserts other than cake, or in addition to cake, and we can't argue with that either. Like your dinner menu, your dessert menu reflects your style, theme, and budget, so don't feel constrained by tradition when deciding what to do. While we always look forward to the cake cutting ceremony (and checking out the adorable cake toppers), our motto is: Let them eat cake... and pie, and cookies, and ice cream, and souffles...

1. Assorted Pies: If you're not a cake eater, then you are probably a pie eater. Pies at weddings are one of our new favorite trends. They make a wedding seem more intimate and personal, as if the bride's grandmother is actually standing in the back kitchen preparing every single pie served at the wedding. It's a nice change of pace from wedding cake, and allows you to incorporate seasonal fruits that go with your wedding theme.  Feeling fancy? Make it a la mode!

2. Ice Cream Bar: Yes ice cream bars sound like they might be a bit juvenile, but really they are incredibly fun and delicious! You can have gourmet flavors, tons of different toppings, and serve them in mini cones or bowls. They are perfect for summer weddings, and everyone loves a little bit of nostalgia. Don't forget to put the cherry on top!

3. Cookie Station: We catered a wedding a few years back where the bride asked her close friends and family to bake two dozen of their favorite cookies for her wedding. The rules were simple: it must be homemade and it must be made with love for the bride and groom. We were touched by the sweet sentiment of having your loved ones help make your big day just a little bit sweeter, and the rows of glass cookie jars really made a beautiful sight. Even if you have the cookies catered, or bake them all yourself, we think this is a great idea -- just be sure to remember that if you give your guests a cookie, they're going to want some milk to go with it!

4. Cupcakes: We know, we know, cupcakes are "technically" mini cakes, and the point of this post is to give you ideas other than cakes. But we view cupcakes as an entirely separate entity from regular cakes. They are just the perfect amount of deliciousness that fits into the palm of our hands. We love how they look with their delicate little cupcake wrappers, small pile of frosting, and ample amount of sprinkles, and we are definitely of the school of thought that cupcakes make every gathering that much better. Cupcakes seem a bit whimsical and innocent, but that's what we love about them. Coordinate them to go with your wedding colors, experiment with gourmet flavors, and enjoy!

5. The Chocolate Fountain: Dipping your sweets in chocolate makes them, well, sweeter! Whether you choose milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate the chocolate fountain is a sure-fire way to get your guests interacting and having fun.  Marshmallows, Rice Crispy treats, pretzels, all kinds of wonderful fruits on sticks - your guests will go on a dipping frenzy and love every second of it!  

6. Candy Bar: A lot of weddings we've attended have had a candy bar on the side. While it's usually not served as the main dessert, it's fun, colorful, and very decorative. You can go for an old fashioned candy shoppe look (pictured above) or only serve candies that correspond with your wedding colors. This is a huge hit with kids, but don't be surprised to see you Great Aunt Esther filling up her bag with treats too!

7. Mini Desserts: If you love everything on the list, but don't know what to choose, why not choose everything? Have a dessert table filled with a number of different mini pies, tarts, cookies, brownies, chocolates, fruit, and everything you can possibly think of.  Not only is this a huge crowd favorite, you can finally stop stressing about having to make another decision. Just pick your top 10 favorite desserts, reduce them to miniature form, and you are all set.

Jen & Saira

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