Monday, August 2, 2010

"The Office" Character Inspiration: Pam Beesly Halpert

Today we have our last installment in the women of the office.  And, of course, we've saved office "hottie" Pam Beesly (Halpert) for last.  We love Pam and often relate to her the most because, even with her quirks, she is the most normal woman in the office.  Her fashion choices are certainly the most office and age appropriate, so, our guest blogger, Lynette, has once again put together some great fashion inspirations for you for your own office wardrobe.  Take a look and enjoy as Lynette wraps up this fun 3 part series.

Pam Beesly Halpert, aka America’s favorite receptionist, has had a very interesting few years. She broke off an engagement, walked over burning coals, became an art student in New York City, left Dunder-Mifflin to work for the Michael Scott Paper Company, and finally returned to Dunder-Mifflin as a salesperson. Not to mention that she also managed to date, marry, and have a baby with the always adorable Jim Halpert. While she’s undergone a personal transformation, Pam has also changed the way that she dresses in the Office and in her life. She’s gone from lighter colors to bolder choices, and she’s switched her normal dress shirt and skirt combo for skirt suits that she wears on business calls. Pam always keeps it classy and simple, whether she’s out schmoozing customers or playing a silly prank on Dwight.

I love this entire outfit for Pam. It’s work appropriate, while adding some style to the basic shirt and skirt combo. Now that Pam has (finally) allowed herself to express a more personal side with her fashion choices, this color scheme will definitely stand out amid the drab Office tones. Not to mention that a pencil skirt is a basic that every business woman should have in her closet; whether you’re short and curvy or tall and slim, the pencil skirt always highlights your best assets!

Okay, I hate to put two shirt/skirt combinations back to back. But I loved them both too much to resist! This vintage looking combo is another rework of a classic work outfit. It covers enough skin that even Angela has to approve of it, without making Pam appear shapeless in any way. It’s classy and it’s basic, without being boring.  Not to mention the endless possibilities of belts you could play with!

I just adore this dress! Perfect for get-togethers after work, either with your boss or with your coworkers, this is such a great dress to impress! It’s got a lovely shape that would accentuate Pam’s curvy body type, in addition to adding a simple flair to the little black dress. Not to mention the limitless possibilities of changing it up with accessories, cardigans, jackets, or heels. Adaptable clothes like this dress are a must for every working woman!

Shirts like the one featured above are my saving grace. On the days when I simply can’t be bothered to pick out an outfit at 6am, I usually end up reaching for a simple button down. I love the shirt featured above because it’s a reworking of the button down that isn’t boring. It’s bright and bold, with a ribbon to accentuate Pam’s smaller waist, and it can be layered with tanks underneath and sweaters on top. It can also be paired with either slacks or skirts. This is the type of shirt that could help make Pam’s life just a little bit easier when she’s running around in the morning with a newborn before leaving for work.

And, again, Pam really really loves the button down shirt.  There is something just so sleek, kind of sexy, and yet very professional about these cute shirts tucked into a fitted pencil skirt!  These cap sleeved button downs, from Old Navy, come in a variety of bright and fun colors that are lightweight and perfect for summer and showing a little personality. Plus, they are only $22.50 each - so new moms on a budget, like Pam, will certainly appreciate the low price point.

Now that Pam has risen in the ranks to become a salesperson at Dunder Mifflin, she’s also begun to wear a lot more suits. While it’s yet another basic, there are literally hundreds of different styles to choose from. I love this black and white striped suit from Ann Klein. Its color, texture, youthful blouse, and funky accessories are perfectly suited for a casual day in the Office, while still maintaining a professional demeanor to help Pam remind everyone that she’s no longer “just” a receptionist anymore.

I also really loved this suit from WorkChic. I think that suits that stray away from the normal black ensemble are always a safe bet, yet I also know that shopping for suits with skirts can be incredibly difficult and time consuming. However, the length of this skirt makes it a pretty safe bet for the office and the detailing on the front of the skirt gives the suit a little more personality and adds some everyday flair.

So there you have it! When you work nine to five in the same place day after day, you can begin to feel as though your clothing options are limited. By choosing some simple pieces that can be matched over and over again, you’ll manage to save your wardrobe and your wallet! Pam’s simple style makes for perfect Office wear, and her new suits during the last two seasons reinforce her new profession. 

This concludes our series on The Women of "The Office". Thank you, Lynette, for helping us out with fun and inspiring posts on one of our very favorite shows.  

Until next time, dolls!

Jen & Saira

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  1. Must say I love the way Pam Beesly dresses in the show..