Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday to us!

Well, another year has passed here at PDR.  Once again, we thank all of you who keep reading our little blog, commenting, and sharing your ideas. Ready for a little year in review?  Well, here goes! 

This time last year we had just over 40 followers.  Now, we have close to 100!  This time last year we didn't even have a Facebook page but now nearly 90 people "like" us and interact with us via Facebook.. Even more exciting is the fact that from March 8th of last year to March 6th of this year we've reached over 123,000 visitors from 6 continents with our primary readers catching up with us from the US, Canada, England, Australia, The Philippines, and India.  Some of our new visitors found us with Google, others were referred to us by Pinterest, but however you found us we are certainly glad you did and we look forward to continuing to inspire you.

Thanks for a great year, dolls!

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