Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Color Day Themes: Breaking Dawn

The most important wedding of the whole year (all of you who thought it was the royal wedding were sadly mistaken) is finally here.  For years we've waited to see this wedding come to life and finally the wait is over because at midnight tomorrow we have the chance to see Bella Swan marry Edward Cullen in all his sparkly vampire glory.  Sure we're not camped out in front of the theatre but that doesn't mean we're not totally excited about the premiere of Breaking Dawn!  We've seen just a few images from the Swan/Cullen wedding, but what we've seen so far looks romantic and enchanting.  Here's our take on the Bella and Edward wedding complete with hanging flowers, mismatched purple dresses, and more!

Bella and Edward Breaking Dawn Wedding Inspiration Board

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  1. Wow! Very Inspiring! The dawn wedding, I like much!

  2. Yay I have one of those dresses. I feel so trendy! ahahaha

  3. Wow you really did an amazing job finding the PERFECT pictures for this, right on:)