Monday, August 1, 2011

Real Wedding: Freya and Matt (Part 1 of 2)

We love it when our readers send us photos of their weddings to feature on our blog.  We love it even more when that reader is a friend of ours and we can make her feel extra special by showing off her gorgeous wedding to all of you! Freya, our friend and PDR enthusiast, met Matt over 10 years ago at a house party and she says it was truly love at first sight. In fact, she recalls announcing to her friends that she was certain he would be the one she married.  Although they didn't start dating right away, a mutual passion for music, travel, and food helped them to become fast friends and in 2007, six years later, they began dating.  Three years after that they got engaged and started planning their big day, which we are lucky to be able to share with you today! These two make a great couple and their June wedding had a lot of lovely details that helped their fun loving personalities shine through. Here's a look at some of our favorites from Freya and Matt's wedding (taken by the talented folks over at RHM Photography):

There were just so many charming portrait shots and fun reception pics that we decided we couldn't squeeze it all into one post. So, we hope you enjoyed this little preview but be sure to check back Friday for Part 2 for more Freya and Matt and for some of the details like the dress, venue, etc. 

Jen & Saira

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