Friday, November 19, 2010

Lovely in Lace

Lately we've been feeling a little dark and romantic, a common side effect of Edward Cullen overload, something that we are continuously suffering from.  If you want to look the part of the future Mrs. Cullen, then you have to don the fabric of his time... and it's not cotton.  Lace is elegant, mysterious, childish, sexy, and innocent all at the same time, it just depends on how you wear it.  Here are some ways that you can incorporate this glorious fabric into your wardrobe:

This is the dress that started it all. We both fell (separately) in love with the Lady Jane dress available at ModCloth.  It is sweet and understated, with a bit of a Gothic feel due to the lovely lace overlay.  So of course, Saira bought it, and we can confirm that it is just as beautiful in real life as on the website.  The lace is a bit on a rough side, but it helps keep the adorable bell shape of the skirt. Just don't all buy it at once, it'll be a little awkward to show up at the next wedding in the same dress -- unless you're a bridesmaid.

If you liked the Lady Jane dress, but black lace is a bit too much for you, then dry this lovely cream lace dress from Anthropologie. The textured fabric gives it a nice, rich look which is perfect for the cold weather. We can just picture you wearing your black tights, Mary Janes, and adorable winter coat on your way to Christmas caroling... or whatever.

Need a great tote bag to carry around all your school supplies, work papers, or just general every day items?  We love this lace embellished tote because it's casual, but the diagonal lace dresses it up, adding an element of modern, romantic style.

Looking for a casual but stylish shirt? Try this cropped lace top from  Hot Topic. It's on sale for $5...  need we say more?

We love lace leggings to wear with pretty much anything... except an oversized top, as pictured above, because tights are not pants.  Nonetheless, these lace stirrups from American Apparel are solid quality and has just the right ratio of lace to nylon. But if stirrups aren't your thing, then just grab a pair of lace hose from Target and call it a very sexy night!

 Of course, all lace everywhere can be a little much, so how about a little lace embroidery on an otherwise muted cardigan? Dress like Emma from Glee, and pair this cardigan with a cute little pencil skirt and matching accessories.

We love this wine color for the fall, and think it looks fab in lace form as well.  This dress from  Free People is a bit Gothic coffeehouse meets 12-year old ice princess, but in a good way! It comes in a few different colors and the flared skirt makes it extra feminine.

When we saw this dress, of course we thought Serena van der Woodsen!  Very sexy and fitted, this black lace dress from Top Shopis definitely something our favorite Upper East Sider would wear, and we think it's perfect for cold weather occassions.  Just remember to lay off the black eyeliner, or you'll be more Little J than S.

Lace pumps are very in right now, and can be very pricey! These pumps by Steve Madden are the perfect fit for the frugal fashionista.

A real lady wouldn't be complete without a lovely little clutch for special occasions.  Here is a lace bag, by Natalie Gerber, that we think is so girlish and gorgeous.  Plus, the colors are neutral, perfect for the bride in need of a stylish bag for her big day!

And, of course, we can't leave out the most glamorous of all lace apparel, the lace wedding dress!  Show off your figure in this ultra feminine, super romantic gown.  The delicate pattern, intricate beading, and sexy shape are the epitome of modern elegance with vintage charm.

Jen & Saira

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